Journey To Become Working Who You Are


Have you ever felt that our life is so meaningless? Don't know what to do, sometimes we know that the way to get closer to God is our way to return to meaning as human beings, but why is that path so difficult to pass.

The toughest journey in life is finding yourself. The darkest journey in life is losing yourself. The happiest and most grateful journey of life is to find yourself back.

As a human being equipped with a mind and conscience. When we were kids, we might have thought that being an adult is certainly better, not being scolded every day by our fathers and mothers for small things, when we went to high school we wanted to quickly get to the college level, even at university we were want to graduate immediately so we can work immediately, after graduating it turns out that we just realized that looking for a job is not an easy thing. We begin to understand our growing responsibilities as we get older, faced with times of conflict when our desires and relationships don't go together. Slowly all these responsibilities become a self-crisis as an adult, such as work, relationships, business, financial, etc. which cause anxiety, frustration and depression, so that we feel lost our direction and don't know where to go.


In this darkest period we often ask ourselves about "what, who, and where this life will take us." Weakness physically and psychologically suppress all the potential that is in us, we are drowning in feelings of insecurity, doubt, anxiety. All like sadness without end. Finally, we feel like we lose control of ourselves and tend to blame ourselves for all the life choices we have made.

• The first thing when we are in this state, convince ourselves that this is all just a temporary state, we must have self-awareness that we are able to get through these difficult times. Remember that even though there are still starlight in the dark night, everything will pass and change with the bright and warm sun.

Acceptance of ourselves completely will lead to a peace, that every problem that is present will mature our way of thinking about this life. Accept every sadness, failure, vulnerability, anxiety, betrayal, defeat, imperfection and all weakness freely. Accepting all of our weaknesses does not depend on people's judgments and judgments of us. Because only we can accept and feel it. Self-acceptance will help us to be more tolerant of others. We can feel the same way if it happens to other people, that everyone has their own strengths and weaknesses.

Find our purpose in life, understand about what, who we are and what we want to do in life is one way we find what our purpose in life is. Being open to new things is an effort to open ourselves to the outside world, changing how we perceive everything that happens in life. There is no need to be jealous of other people's achievements or happiness. Everyone has a time, staying consistent on one thing that will lead us to our goals is basic. Focus and confidence are the keys.


Losing oneself is not the end of our life. Never lose hope. Losing yourself is the darkest journey in human life, but believe me there will be a journey of life ahead that will make us happy. As life continues to spin like a rollercoaster, where happiness and sadness come and go, grateful for whatever happens in life that we are still given the strength to go through and win it.[]