Name five or more people that you listen to. Why do you trust them??



@ecotrain come out with yet another interesting question! :D Thanks!

  1. My late Grandpa
    I used to listen a lot to my grandpa, he was the spear head of the family when he was a live. Such a wiseman, I trusted him 100%! He was a great thinking and also a doer and he always brought so much happiness to every situation :D
    He was also the one who introduced me to investment and savings for that matter. Which we really first saw after he died, he never talked about money but he taught me tricks and nudged me in a direction of saving.

  2. Ray Dailo.
    This is properly a bit weird one. I listen a lot to Ray Dalio from time to time, now I don't follow him blindly, he is such an amazing thinker but with I don't think he is correct when it comes to crypto :D
    He also reminds me a lot of my grandpa, so maybe thats why I feel like having a connection to him xD

  3. Tony Robbins.
    I am a certified coach and the education I have taken is based on what Tony Robbins have done within the movement, so thats amazing! He is such an amazing and good hearted person and when he talks, you listen :D or I do.

  4. Myself.
    I do a lot of talking to myself on a daily basis :P But I trust/believe in myself. It might not be correct or anything but I do it with confidence and then we can deal with the problems afterwards. This is always why I have somewhat of a hard time saying sorry. But I tend to say and do what I want when I want to and to say sorry for something means for me that I didn't mean it when I did it, which is bullshit xD

  5. My Coach.
    I am having a Coach myself at the moment. He doesn't really tell me what to do or anything like that, but he does install ideas into me or empower my own ideas, so I trust him. He have been doing coaching for 11 years, so I think he knows what he is talking about :p

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