Ecotrain - "Q. Priorities" - Week 6.

My priorities is never straight forward which can be quite annoying, but it also lets be do random shit in between! Which I also really enjoy! :D

But priorities right now is to find a Job xD I have been jobless since September(I did quit myself) and its starting to be quite boring just being home all day.
So finding a job as fast as possible and in a field I want to work in.

I would love to increase all of my investment into Index funds and Crypto. So I could grow my net worth faster!

Third priority is to learn digital art! I have already started out with learning pixel art, which I think is fun and quite enjoyable! I am doing something daily in Krita at the moment, just to learn. I will be buying Aseprite next month since thats more specific to people doing pixel art :D

I want to sell prints and also NFT in the future, but I do also want to learn it proper, so its fun and not only focus on the money aspect :D

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