Five Amazing Things About Kids And Parenting


This is a nice topic and the very one that many people would love to write on. There are many parents out there who are ready to die because of their children and to be sincere, I'm not exceptional.

This is my first time visiting this Community and you would love to make it a point of duty to always come on board in this Community.

Five Amazing Things About Kids

  • Unforgettable memories: As kids, they always have good memories and does not forget things that easily. When you tell them something, it will stick to their brain and will keep on reminding you of the words you have spoken to them. I observed this from my kids. Anything I tell them thinking they will not remember, but they will be the ones remembering me in the long run. When I told my daughter that I will buy her a school bag, she was so happy and kept on remembering me almost every day until I bought her the bag.

  • They quickly adapt to any place they find themselves: Children are very much quick to know anybody they see around, which means they make friends easily. This can always happen when they love most, such as toys or any playing materials. Once they see you playing with toys, it will be an opportunity for them to play with their new friend to the brim.

  • They hate someone who promises them something and later fail them: The truth is that children love those who promise them and never fail them. They are always around that one who buys them anything that can make them smile and can also tend to pour out their love for that very person. If there is any kind of secret, they will love to open up to you just because of the promises you always keep to them.

  • They love that person who always takes them for outings: This is the very thing kids love most. Taking them to put to a place where they will have fun is what they prefer. This is why parents must always try their best to take their children for outings which will make them take you are a hero.

  • Anyone who always buys them what they want is their friend. A woman who always goes to the market every day happened to be coming back home in the evening. She is always passing by the children around without looking at their faces, and the children on the other hand do not want someone who does not buy them something. So, one faithful day, when this woman came back, she went to a nearby shop to buy something where some children were present. She bought biscuits for those around and immediately, they shouted thank you ma. Others came around, and she bought biscuits for them as well. This made all the kids develop likeness towards her. So, with what she did, anytime she is coming from the market, the children always ran to her and embrace her. She always buys them biscuits anytime she is coming from the market. So, when kids develop a love for you, it will be real and true.

Five Amazing Things About Parents

  • Parents have great feelings for their children: This means they can never joke with their children, as there is a great bond between them. Parents do not allow anything to happen to their children as there is love between the parents and the children.

  • The Man has taken the female child as his favourite while the woman will always have the male as her favourite. This is what they always do to keep the family on track. I'm speaking from experience as I love my daughter more than my sons, I will never allow them to know neither will she know about it. I do treat them equally.

  • Parents can never allow their children to go to hunger without finding food for them. They must allow their kids to be feds first before they sought themselves out. This is how a good parent is supposed to behave, except those greedy ones who want to satisfy their stomach first before their children. I can never eat from outside when my kids are yet to be fed. I love them so much.

  • They pray for their children always: Parents are always backing their kids with prayers. They support them with the tangible prayers necessary. This is while they are called parents.

  • They protect their children at all costs: This happened mostly when their children are sick. Wow...see the way they will run from pillar to post to ensure that they make their children calm and well again. They are always there to protect their kids at all costs because it is not easy to give birth to a child. Giving birth to a child will pass through countless processes, not even talking of when they have grown up a bit.

These are the five amazing things about the kids and the parents. It's nice participating in the prompt word, and I wish to participate in the subsequent ones as well. All thanks to the @ecotrain Community for bringing this amazing topic.

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