ecoTrain QOTW s7.9: Which technologies have had a positive influence on your life?


The technology I see with much Impacts to my life is Microphone, being to church today and seeing how loudspeaker and Microphone help the pastor voice to reach everywhere to the understanding of the congregtion in preaching the Gospel is gracing, technology is Indeed a blessing to me and to the church.

Microphone and loudspeaker are Technological device, both are good gadgets that was given to us in making life easy.
Looking at their efforts in our life, one must realized that the performed awesomely in our life, and their performance is worth celebrating.

Assuming we didn't have something like microphone and loudspeaker, how can we coop?

Would we be able to be shouting all the time, without being tired?

Yet, this two were made available and it takes us far far way better till today, it functions are still importance to me and you, and will still have a role to play in us as far as life continues.


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Loudspeaker and microphone when connected together can make your voice louder even when you are speaking slowly, they helps us in keeping our vocals at minimal but elevating the volume of the vocals it sent out, and at such, saving us from wasting our energy and this is the work of technology.

Microphone are smaller in size than loudspeaker but it is the microphone that empowered or command the loudspeaker to send out loud voices to the public.

Both gadgets are work of technology and technology most be appreciated in this aspect.

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