the question is ||week 9.4|| can Spirituality and technology live together

Hello all my friends hope all is well
Technology has advanced and without technology no country can develop and no institution can work without technology. At that time the machinery was not so heavy and the technology was not advanced. Then there are carpet roads and even roads are torn down by machines. This is the technology that has gone so far that the work of hours is done in minutes and the work of months is done in weeks and the work of the year is done in months. This is called technology, but to use technology, man is required. What used to be done by ten workers, now she is doing one machine, but she also needs two to three people to operate the machine and If the machine breaks down, an engineer is needed to fix it. If the machine keeps running, women The work is done in days and the road is built very quickly. Before there were mud buildings. Now the buildings are made of pucca and decorations which look beautiful. And the building is prepared after the map
Technology has shifted people to the houses of raw local civilization and people have moved from small shops to big plazas and high floors and have set up their offices and houses there all with the help of technology. There is a beautiful city in the world and there is a tall building in Dubai. There is a lion built in the sea and special arrangements have been made to protect it from storms and earthquakes. The map of this city has been made very beautiful and a big building has been built. Dubai car for tourism is what people all over the world do. Dubai has a huge airport where flights from different countries land and passengers shift from one flight to another. It has become such a lovely city and because Dubai was in a sandbox and on the beach, the people here thought that we should organize tourism here to attract people for sightseeing and entertainment. People from all over the world have come here for sightseeing and have built huge hotels and buildings by the sea. Go so that people can live here. This work continued with the help of technology and where Dubai has reached today and the roads in our area are not the same as those built in Dubai because we are far behind the developed countries. Technology has come to our country but modern technology has not come to our country yet. Four roads are built that lead to different routes and this is the technology for us. Modern technology is found in big and developed countries.

Spirituality has been asked. Spirituality and technology can go hand in hand, so I will answer it this way. Technology has come a long way, but the spiritual world is a different world. People who don't care about the world live their lives in spirituality. I don't have technology for them because they worship sitting in mud houses. Whether it is a mud house or your main purpose is to please God and to continue the spirituality. There are many saints and God-fearing servants in the world who worship God and continue the spiritual process. Whether the house is rough or cooked, they focus on their worship. They live their whole life in a mud house and do not neglect the remembrance of God. It is a rough house to see the world but in their eyes it is more beautiful than palaces because they have a spiritual connection. There is what is visible to them and the next destination is visible to them on which they have to live forever. The world is shocked to see that spirituality continues in the mud house and people are coming from far and wide.


The technocrats believe in technology and the spiritualists see the spirituality and move forward and live in their world with great difficulty and live in the memory of God all the time because according to them the real world is about to begin. When they leave this world and go to the next world and live there forever and their abode is paradise and there are streams of milk and honey flowing in paradise where they will live forever this is spirituality which is like spirituality Living life

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