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We are all paying the prize of industrialisation in one way or the other; either through global warming or natural disasters like flooding, hurricane, etc,. However, the nonchalant attitude towards ways climate disaster can be avoided by most countries of the world doesn't change the fact that we're approaching the point of no return and if nothing is done, it (climate disaster) will befall us in no time. According to Bill Gate in his book How To Avoid Climate Disaster, there are two numbers you need to know about climate change: 51 billion and secondly zero. The 51 billion is the tons of greenhouse gases been added to the atmosphere on yearly basis while zero is what we need to aim for in order to avoid this disaster. Achieving zero shouldn't be left for the government alone, we as citizens, consumers, employers/employees students, and farmers must do our bits. In my little research and from some books I have read, the following actions are the actions I think need to be taken in this quest of avoiding climate disaster.
Actions required to be taken as:

  1. Citizens: The government of a country constitutes the representatives elected by the citizens. Since the government has the major role to play towards achieving zero emission, by pressuring their representatives either through calls, letter writing or attending town halls would go a long way in making the government prioritize policies that would promote clean energy and zero emissions. As citizens, another action we can take towards achieving zero emission is by demanding more funding for clean energy research and development (R&D).

  2. Consumers: The market today is ruled by demand and supply. Yes as consumers we have no influence in supply but we do dictate the demand of goods. By showing interest in goods utilizing clean energy would promote its production by industries since the market is available. Hence, the first action we can take as consumers is start demanding/buying goods utilizing clean energy. For instance, by replacing incandescent light bulbs with LEDs would promote the manufacture of LEDs. Therefore sending the demand signal would encourage the governments and industries in investing in clean energy innovations. Other little actions include: the purchase of efficient appliances, electric vehicles and other zero emission devices.

  3. Employers/Employees: As an employee or employer, you can influence your company towards doing its parts in promoting zero emission. Major ways employers/employees can promote zero emission include: backing of smart investments, partnering with other companies to solve some climate challenges, financing projects that might turn to clean-energy breakthrough.

  4. Farmers: As a farmer actions such as planting of trees would go a long in helping reduce the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere. Also by not partaking in bush burning and deforestation would abate the amount of CO2 emitted into the atmosphere.

  5. Students: As students, attending seminars, carrying out research on solving some of the toughest climate challenges are some of the actions that would promote zero emission. Advocating for the utilization of clean-energy devices will also be helpful. While sensitising the surrounding communities on the implications of climate change would help in enlightening them.

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So far, we all have our roles to play towards avoiding climate change. These little actions will not eventually give us zero-emission as most of the greenhouse gases are emitted by industries but they would go a long way in reducing the amount emitted yearly.

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