EcoTrain QOTW: What is intimacy?

ecoTrain Question Of The Week: What is intimacy to you? Do you need it to be happy? How do you fulfill your intimacy needs.. especially during COVID19?

What is intimacy to you?

This is a very hard question to answer because we humans are really bad at understanding or talking about our emotions. In fact, we do not even have language to describe what we need in the emotional realm.

In the QOTW post, the author uses "intimacy" to mean two very different things. One is another word for touching others, and the second is talking about a connection (mental / emotional) with another.

We can see intimacy everywhere, it seems to be something far more than just human nature.

I rarely see intimacy anywhere. What i see, and the questioner sees is a low level touch based connection. You could call this low-grade, or first tier intimacy.

Intimacy to me is an opening up, a being vulnerable to change and being changed by another person who is capable of opening up, and is reciprocating.

This kind of intimacy is so rare these days because everywhere you look, on TV, in adverts, in the divorce statistics... all you see is shallow platitudes to "love". The uber high you get when you first meet someone that turns you on sexually.

And further, all the shows, movies and most of the songs are programming people to never be able to form an intimate relationship.

You cannot form an intimate relationship with a man if you have feminist thoughts that men are bad, that patriarchy is ruining everything...
You will never be completely open. You will always be guarded, and for good reason, those men start wars and keep women down and oppressed. (even if the exact opposite is true. Women are elevated in every aspect from kindergarten through college and into the work force)

We are told to be wary of other people. To never open our hearts.

We are told to go forth and find that hot love lust. Unfortunately, this usually leads to relationships with people that are very bad for us. Where we open up to people that love putting daggers in people's hearts.

But this is what we are told about love and intimacy.

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Do you need intimacy to be happy?

The answer is... how were you raised?

Did you have intimacy in your family of origin?

If you did, then you will always seek it. If not, you may never know what it is. It will be an itch you don't even know where to scratch.

Further are you male or female?
Females need that touching contact, or low level intimacy or they will go mad. (not all females)

Males can go without. And its a good thing because about half of the males don't get any touch. (not all males)

However, that really doesn't answer the question.
And the only answer is that you need intimacy to be happy, but you do not need any other person for that.

If you create a connection between you and your higher-self and God/Goddess/All That IS, then you will have the intimacy that you need. It is both the only connection you need and all that you need.

Making this connection and working on yourself will bring you the joy.

Everything else is sort of a place holder for real intimacy.

- - - - - - -

How do you fulfill your intimacy needs.. especially during COVID19?

The Wuhan-flu has had no impact on me and my intimacy.
I have not changed one thing because of The-Rona.

The Wuhan-flu has allowed the world to do what i have been doing for years. Stop and ponder about their lives and their relationships.

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