The importance of HIVE in my daily life

The importance of HIVE in my daily life


Hello everyone. Assalamualikum. I am fine by the grace of almighty. I hope you are also well. Today, I want to explain my thought about the importance of Hive platform. It is an golfen opportunity for me. I am really very happy because I am a member of this platform. It change my life in a few days. I want to thanks my cousin for all of this. Here, I explain the importance of this platform.

I am a very ordinary person that is a new member of this platform "HIVE". My name is Tahmina Akhter Bristy. I am a student, still studying. The college is closed due to the infection of Covid 19, so now the study is done at home.

There is a reason behind the relationship between me and this platform, I want to let you know first. I found out about this platform a few days ago, one of my cousins ​​told me about it. He is already a member of this platform. When he told me about it, I didn't understand anything. Then for a while my cousin began to explain to me the workings of this platform. He has tried hard enough to convince me. I understood a lot. Then my cousin helped me to open an account on this platform. After I opened the account, my cousin warned me about various things, and helped me with other things. Thanks to his help I have become a member of this platform today, and I have the opportunity to introduce myself to all of you. I always want to thank him, because without his help I would not have been able to come here and get to know all of you. I joined this platform in July 2021. At first I was less active but now I try my best to stay active.

After joining this platform, I realized the importance of this. This is the first time I have started doing such an online based work. And from the moment I started this work, I realized that the importance of this platform is very much in the lives of all of us. I want to give an example of this with me.
I have been sitting at home since March 2020 because of Covid 19. About 1 year passed. This time I started working here after learning about the Hive platform. I have benefited a lot from working on this platform, I have benefited financially and educationally. I would like to describe it in the form of some points.

  • One of my hobbies is to do art. I do art often. I can say this is my fashion. I used to participate in drawing competitions in different places of school and college. At the same time, I did a lot of art at home, but I did not get any acquaintance. Ever since I started working on this platform I have gained some exposure for this art of mine, and with it I have been able to achieve something. The work I used to do but did not get a fair price and now I have been able to earn a part through this art.


  • In addition to art I love to cook, most of the time I make a variety of snacks. I prefer to cook than to eat. I share different recipes of my cooking on this platform. Through this I try to share my cooking recipes as well as showcase my own talents. This is how I was able to earn. Through this platform, many of my friends are also share their own talents, then I learn something from them. It is a opportunity for me to gain extra knowledge about cooking and other things.


  • I didn't want to spend my free time before, because I didn't do much work then. And now sitting in my spare time I do some work on this platform, or create something. It spend through my leisure time and makes me work. I like to walk and take pictures. I take different types of pictures and share them here. I have a lot of opportunities here to spend my leisure time and share some favorite time.Some story's of my life which I can not explain publicly, through this platform I can do it and get refreshment.


  • The opportunity to introduce myself through this platform by utilizing different types of talents, I have not got this opportunity anywhere else. And at the same time I have been financially supported. I have only my father to support our family. And because of this Covid 19 epidemic, my father's income has decreased. At the same time the pressure of other work has increased financially. Although I teach some students, that is not enough for me. Because now that I am older I have some extra expenses, which depend on my father along with other expenses. So I wanted to be a little bit self-defending. And this platform gave me that opportunity. I have had a lot of success through some of my work. And I want to continue working on this platform.


  • I have benefited a lot from coming to this platform, I have got some friends who are constantly supporting me. I have learned a lot from them, they have helped me in many ways. I have also received support from different communities.I have benefited a lot in this way, which other members may have done as well.

Its importance is much more in our country. In different cases we see that many young people in our country are unemployed even after studying. They try but do not succeed. There are many of them who work online. Through this platform, they too can become self-reliant. Not only the youth, but also the girls of our country are far ahead, for them also this platform is a golden opportunity to express their talents and work. Our country has now improved in many ways. The rate of unemployment in our country is not decreasing at that rate, so the hive platform is a place where those unemployed people can take themselves to a stage. They can be happy with their family.
Less is said about this platform. Those of us who are on this platform know for ourselves how important this is to us.I want to work in this platform everytime and want to be a self-reliant.

Special thanks those people's who read my post.


πŸ’¦ BRISTY πŸ’¦



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