EcoTrain QOTW #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

The idea of reincarnation is totally frowned at by some religious group. The Holy Bible speaks of a time of judgement coming immediately after death. So, reincarnation is totally a wrong thing to think about in the christian circle.


I must say that a lot has been said by psychologist, philosophers, astrologers and eastern religion like Hinduism, Buddhism and Zoroastrianism☸️. The wheel of destiny is fueled by reincarnation. The Ying and the Yang ☯️ is reincarnation reinvented. Either we all like it or not, reincarnation has been enshrined into our philosophy either as a Christian or Muslim. And we live by it consciously or unconsciously.

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I really want to delve into why reincarnation is subconsciously hammered into our subconscious being. It's to make us watch ourselves. Whenever you remember that there is reincarnation and the possibility of coming back to the earth as a goat 🐐 or cat 🐈 because you didn't live the first life well. You will want to caution yourself and tends to do good.


Though all religion and beliefs that support reincarnation never talked about each dead candidate having a choice to choose who he or she wants to be. I must say that sometimes, we have to throw imagination into the air.

A Warrior, Warlock

Yes, you heard me right, there is a part of me that unconsciously thinks I might have been a warrior in my previous life. Some dreams I've had in time past supports this claim. I will really like to see how this played out.

The Supreme Commander in Chief of Russia Armed Force

Not to cause commotion in the earth realm, I know Adolf Hitler has been reincarnated as a dove 🕊️ by now. I just want to be a commanding officer of a large battalion of soldiers at my beck and call. Not to talk of being in possession of missiles🚀, rocket and bombs. I just want to be in charge of things like weapon of mass destruction. Not for the sake of destroying people but for the sake of being in charge and making sure it never fall into the hands of bad guys.

An Einstein

I want to be the kind of guy that solved all mankind problems both past, present and future. Take for example the Relativity Theory of Einstein and how much help it has done to the field of physics.

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Men like Nikola Tesla, Einsenberg, Marie Curie and the likes. I want to solve one or two of mankind's problem like they did..

I am actually trying to see that possible in a miniature way, I mean, creating an avenue where I upvote some people through the second layer of Hive (Tribes) and the upvote is worth more than $20 at the end of the month. Though it's a small money but having a stable amount of money for blogging each day takes some amount of hunger away. Talk of Eradicating Hunger, one of the Sustainable Development Goals is achieved by this.

PS : My upvote is presently worth $8-10 per month. +7m Sports Staked

Most importantly, I must say this, I really want to die well, full of age and well-achieved. With that, there might not be necessity to wish for another recycled life if the one you've lived was worth it.

Therefore, I try my best to be of good use to my family, community, nation and humanity at large. And if reincarnation comes knocking at the other side of life. You guys already know how I am going to show up at the other side.




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ecoTrain Question Of The Week #22 : If you could choose, what would you incarnate as in your next life?

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