What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19?

When all this blows over I want to walk down to the sunset, sit on a bench by the busy streets, touch some faces and share an ice cream cone with a pigeon.

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Hello, and welcome to the latest prompt by @ecotrain. A very relevant - "What changes would you like to see happen after Covid19?"

From a personal stand point I would love the entire medical sphere to be upgraded. If there is one thing we have learned through all this is that health, indeed, is the most important thing. We need to prioritize medical facilities and personnel over other things.

That means making sure everybody has the right to be healthy at any given time, at any given situation. From having an insurance, to making sure the hospitals are equipped sufficiently, making medicines a necessity and not a commodity for trade, improving the quality of life for personnel from salaries, work hours, required paperwork to facilities provided, and restructuring the national budget to include medical expenses before all.

Medical staff around the world are treated poorly, even beat up in many places. Hospitals are never equipped properly and there always is a shortage of equipment. Medicine research and distribution is scarce because of the business attached to it. Doctors are flipping burgers and letting their careers expire because of how the system is structured in most countries.


That being said I would love to see basic education and hygiene once again becoming a norm. We had reached a point where being stupid was celebrated. A point where facts and science was thrown out of the window and licking rectums was a fashion.

Maybe we needed a hard reset that reminds everybody the basics of hygiene like washing hands and not sweating over each other was not cool, but necessary. We are privileged, in the entire species timeline of homo sapiens. Letting science lead the way we reached a point where we don't need to worry about eating anything, touching anything, or even doing anything. Maybe a little step back and reasserting education among the masses would be nice.


Abolition of the suits and their ways. Especially how interest is still the biggest component of our society. The entire idea of interest is stupid. It basically demands money that doesn't exist or demands money that will lose value by destruction of the economy.

While on that, lets thin the lines of quality of life between humans. I would love to see the poor given a chance at life. We have already seen how drastically the poor have been affected compared to the rich. Maybe giving them more credit, opportunities and rights could be a good step up.


Transparency and shift in power. One thing that I want to see happen. There is too much power in the hands that do not have empathy for the ones they have power upon. If the power is in the right hands we would see much more "smarter" ideas and fast tracked decision making that would save us a lot of time, money and lives.

Transparency should be encouraged here on as that would have helped curb this entire situation in the first place.


Finally, catering to nature. We now realize that nature will take its course. No matter who stands in its way.

We have seen how nature was destroyed, neglected and fouled for the profits it brought to few. From denying to save it to taking any actions to stop the bleeding, we saw it all. Our climate, our earth has given us everything we have. Maybe we should start taking care of it.


Just as earth was at the brink of total destruction, it stopped us all in its tracks and let itself take over.


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