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Question Of The Week #23: Blow The Whistle Initiative!.. Mismatch Economy

At first.. I want to appreciate #ecoTrain community.. for this week initiative.

You know.. this community put every week a question.. that is called Question of the week.. about different issues.. as last two, it was the spiritual questions.

This week.. the question is more interesting.. it is whistleblowing.. to reveal something secret that have experienced by the writer.

I think.. by this initiative.. you will be able to know about different unexpected practices and works.

We always experience a lot of unexpected events.. but most of the times the situation remains beyond our control.. and we can't do anything.. just have to suffer.

I think.. by this initiative we will be able to release some of our pain.. and mental pressure.. by shouting out on whistleblowing initiative.

I want to say something about our country's economy.. not actually about the national economy.. or any organisation.. actually I want to discuss about the personal income and expenditure economy.

images 15.jpeg

It is always a great mystery for me.. especially when I am going to meet someone looking for the bride.. on that time I found a lot of cases.. where I can't match the property with their fathers profession.

As like few days ago.. an offer I got.. father of the bride is a police officer.. is now OC.. And I know well how much salary he draw every month.

In our country, there are a lot of different defame about the profession police.. for their illegal transactions.

This time the media person who informed me about the bride.. told that- Brides father is very much honest person.

I asked him about the property of the bride's father.. he started to describe..

They have housing on Khulshi Residential Area... That is a very much aristocratic area in Chittagong district.. And they also had another building on Chandgaon Residential Area.


I became astonished that.. how he can gathered all this wealth.. without any illegal transaction.. as the media person mentioned that- he is very honest.. I think we should redefine the word honesty.

I refused the proposal.. it is not a single experience only.. it is happening all over the country.

Even it is socially established that some people will earn illegally that is called black money.. they will be recognised as a socially on a person.. and successful in profession.

I become astonished when hear to say people about some job.. like tax-collector, customs officer etc. are very much lucrative..!!!

But when they discuss about other jobs that is on the same salary like teaching.. people don't focus this profession and treat differently.

That means they are just and dosing the illegal money.

When we read at newspaper.. about the Prime Minister of England.. thinking to leave the ministry for not being able to lead his life with that salary.. either the news true or not.. we, the Bangladeshi people, become astonished.

We find different picture in our country.. a lot of established businessman and professionals do politics.. and involved in the government agencies.. let off their own business or profession.

But their lifestyle and social status, expenditure is not hampering.. I am very weak in accounting.. so I can't to match that debit and credit.

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