Atmanna Garden Blog 25th August 2021

Gooday dear Hivers and all other beings.

It's been four months since my last garden blog when everything at Atmanna in #Bulgaria was just seeds in pots indoors, so a lot has changed. I was away for a month at a rainbow gathering in June/July but was fortunate enough to have @lio.ness, @awakening.soul and @mountainman taking care of the #garden between them in my absence.

Pictures below of some of the garden beds and plants.

Atmanna (my home). In between the two big pear trees in the right foreground you can see a glimpse of the new former chicken-shed bed-sit under construction.

Zucchini, nearly filling up my smallest greenhouse. Currently harvesting one medium Zuchini per day from this plant. I also have a few more in beds producing a couple of small ones each per week.

Basil. In same greenhouse as Zuchini above

Red Chard. I have about six of these in different beds. This one is the biggest.

Broccoli. Again, several of these in different beds. Some have had most of leaves eaten by bugs, but a few days ago i sprayed them all with urine pesticide/fertiliser (aged urine diluted with approx. 15 parts water) and i see new leaves growing on the bug-eaten ones. I'll spray again with stinging nettle pesticide/fertiliser in a little over a week.

Pot Mariglods, with a young cucumber to the right, blue cornflowers behind, Chamomile (a variety of), not yet flowering, to the right of the cornflowers, and Broccoli (the one pictured above) to the right again. The greenhouse at far end of bed is the small one with the big Zucchini and the Basil inside).

More Zuchini, and one big sunflower.

Beans - heirloom, two varieties. Also some carrots and celery in there somewhere.

White Chard (with red chard to right and Beetroot below)

Lavender (or is it Rosemary? :-). Mountains in the background.


Big greenhouse, full of cucumbers, beetroot and lettuce.

Lunch of raw hummus (See recipe here) on rice crackers with olives and big green salad from the garden.

Well, that's a lot of pictures, so i'll leave you for now with a post-link from earlier this week showing my green smoothie recipe as i have lots of greens to eat.

Much Love

ps. Many thanks to Delcho for donation of the red and white Chard seedlings a few months ago.

pps. Many many thanks to volunteers who helped create this bountiful harvest, especially @lio.ness (who will receive 25% of the author rewards on this post) as she did most of the hard work in the garden.

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