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#coronavirus #covid-19 - What Am I doing Differently?

The fear and panic around covid-19 is an astounding case-study of herd mentality, media beat up, disinformation, misinformation and neurosis.

This scene from the Thai post office yesterday says it all, really:


Yes, as the image suggests, Thailand Post is now sanitizing all incoming mail parcels. Despite the science showing the virus can't withstand warm temperatures (currently it is 32C/90F) and that covid-19 rarely survives on hard surfaces for more than 5 hours (Thailand Post not exactly known for its rapid delivery service LOL) postal staff ARE wearing hazmat and spraying all incoming parcels with disinfectant.

This in a country that has high levels of REAL health emergencies like dengue fever, malaria, hepatitis, encephalitis and rota virus - all of which kill FAR MORE PEOPLE. But let's not let facts get in the way of a little mass hysteria.

The REAL information about covid-19 IS out there, for basically intelligent, internet-savvy people to access and absorb. I found this article Who is getting sick, and how sick? A breakdown of coronavirus risk by demographic factors incredibly informative and enlightening. Did you know:

China CDC found, 2.3% of confirmed cases died. But the fatality rate was 14.8% in people 80 or older, likely reflecting the presence of other diseases, a weaker immune system, or simply worse overall health. By contrast, the fatality rate was 1.3% in 50-somethings, 0.4% in 40-somethings, and 0.2% in people 10 to 39.

Far less than any seasonal flu, unless you are 80 plus and/or unhealthy.

Thailand, where I live, has sustained ONLY ONE DEATH from covid-19 to date: a young man who had already been on life support for weeks from a pre-existing Dengue Fever infection.

Am I worried about Corona Virus? About getting sick? Hell no.

But I AM worried about a few other things related to Covid-19:

  • mass media & the reach of Big Pharma
  • possible compulsory vaccinations
  • the fact that this is most likely a biological warfare test
  • loss of personal freedom
  • mismanagement of funds away from far more important health needs
  • loss of business
  • financial hardship globally

I WANT to say that I'm not doing anything differently - that I am continuing on as usual, managing our health naturally and pro-actively. But that's not entirely true.

I AM doing a few things differently.

  • I am researching and writing - actively - to counteract the absolute BS out there, about everything from "safe" chemicals in the hand gels to the role of moist, supple skin in a healthy immune system. stay tuned for a deluge of myth-busting blogs next week!

  • I have produced a completely natural,vegan, chemical free hand sanitizer for clients and customers who have been banging my door down. Almost literally. It went on sale two days ago here in Chiang Mai, Thailand, and will be delivered to the 526 room Holiday Inn this coming Monday for their new in-room shopping service. For guests fearful of contagion at the 7-11 across the street. It will be up on our website SOON - when I have pics and have written a couple of the blogs to EXPLAIN why the regular hand sanitizers are often NOT anti-viral, or maybe harmful to your health. Let's just say our hand sanitizer is for thinking people who "get it" and who want a safer alternative. Our product uses 70% surgical & food grade ethyl-alcohol-95, colloidal silver, tea tree oil & lemongrass oil in a vegetable glycerin & aloe vera base.

Yes, we have aluminium REFILL bottles available to augment our refillable, recyclable aluminium purse-pack. Check our website tomorrow if you're interested to buy - we ship throughout Thailand with Kerry Express & globally with DHL.

  • I can (sadly) also say we are also doing our long school holidays differently. The 2 month summer hols started yesterday and my daughter was forced to cancel her travel plans to South Korea, not from fear or concern, but due to airline cancellations between Thailand & Korea. We have also had to cancel our planned trip to Australia in April for my mother's 84th birthday. Again, not for fear of getting sick, but because the total crash of the high season in tourist-focused Chiang Mai has caused a massive financial collapse in our local economy.

Other than that, life goes on. Unchanged. With us responsible for our own natural health & wellness. Wearing masks ONLY for social reasons (Thai government offices REQUIRE them as a condition of entry) and trying to Be The Change in a fearful world.

Will this ever end? Actually no. I read 2 scientific report this morning about viral mutations already being identified, and how next cool season we will simply see a different, and probably stronger, mutated corona strain. Big Pharma gonna be so very happy!

Now, more than ever, new paradigm thinking is required about #naturalmedicine & #naturalhealth. Personal responsibility is everything, as is being incredibly well informed, selecting your information sources carefully and NOT going along with mass panic and herd mentality. I commend the @naturalmedicine community on steem to you as a great source of information and informed community support.

Feeling healthy & well, blissed 'n' blessed.

Prepared in response to ecoTrain QOTW: Are you worried about Coronavirus, and what are you doing differently (if anything) since you heard about it?. Come join us over in the Ecotrain Community - no prior delegation required.

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