Goodbye, Garden! Focusing on Indoor Gardening

If you've been keeping tabs, I have mentioned in my last post that we might have to say goodbye to our garden. Yesterday, they have continued with the clearing and they have removed the old tree stumps that subsequently destroyed @kennyroy's watermelons.

He is obviously very upset because he has spent a lot of time and effort on these plants. Anyhow, the heat is already taking toll on the plants and they wouldn't have lasted anyway.

Fortunately, my mung plants are in a pot and are safe. The pods have even matured and I plucked them off already today. It's not a lot, but I am still happy because it is my first time to see full grown mung plants, let alone "harvest" from them. I can still see some budding pods, and who knows, I just might be able to fill a jar with these legumes and cook delicious soup with it. LOL.


Indoor Gardening

Two weeks ago, I shared about this project about indoor plants. I am trying to grow some basil indoors, and am keeping my fingers and toes crossed that these will grow healthily so that I can have later on harvest from them and make pesto! Yay!

As I said, we do not have sufficient natural lighting at this part of our small studio, so we just installed lights directly above the plants to hopefully sustain their growth.

It's so exciting to see them grow each day. I try to check on them twice a day, one in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Even my kids love to check out on them, and see how their growth progress.


This one, I am just also trying out like a little experiment. Microgreens are sprouts from edible vegetables that are normally eaten within 14 days of seed germination. It is said that microgreens are 40x more nutritious than their mature counterparts.[1] No wonder it has grown much in popularity over the past years.

Actually, I have no idea what I am trying to do here, but I just read some articles online and watched some videos about this. I also have to find out where to locally source the seeds to plant, I tried to experiment on some organic flax seeds that I have in my pantry.

Would you believe that the sprouts on these photos below only have one day difference?

It's so amusing to watch them grow so dramatically. I started with these on July 10th, so the sprouts on the top photo are only 5 days old. The thing though, is that they are not growing all at the same time. There are some at the middle portion of the container that have not grown as tall.

Could it be my lighting? Hmmm...

Whatever it is, I am still excited to try this out, and hopefully I will be able to find some good organic seeds that I can grow inside the house. Outdoors is really challenging nowadays with the temperatures soaring up to almost 50 degrees C (real feel).


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