Lactofermentation : A Vital Technique to Learn and Master 🥒 🥘 Plus a Recipe for Immortality ⚗️

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Hello and happy Sunday to all !

Today I wanted to introduce you to a technique that I learned almost a year ago and that I've become particularly fond of ! Lacto-fermentation, which in turn has opened me up to other food fermentation practices.

I was introduced to it by a friend years ago, but it took a while for the idea to catch on. We were at work and at lunchtime he had brought out a simple box full of dried vegetable strips. These were lacto-fermented, then blended and at the end he dehydrated them into thin strips. I really felt like I was eating next to a future astronaut on his way to a distant exoplanet ^^

What really interests me about this technique is that the conservation lasts a long time if it is well done. That there is no need to sterilize, but to wash your jars and utensils well, that the fridge is only necessary when the can is open and too big to consume quickly. Finally, this fermentation technique allows you to enrich your food with probiotics and to make the nutrients it already contains even better !

I imagine that some of you are already experts :)


This first can contains last year's tomato, a delightful treat in perspective...!


This is red cabbage...


Pumpkin to be eaten raw or sautéed quickly so as not to lose the enriched nutrients.


Romanesco cabbage that I still haven't tried yet!


Here, these are pieces of "Blue meat" radish


Carrots ...


... and finally, some green cabbage. And below, the full collection 🙃


There are two main techniques, one in which brine is added (3 or 4% salt per litre of non-chlorinated water) and one in which only the water from the grated vegetables is used, usually with 1% salt without additives (this is important !)

It's a perpetual fields of experiment and everyone has their own little tricks and techniques, but I really recommend this site and their articles because it's with them that I perfected my skills !

I also really liked their kimchi recipe.

I think this is a technique to really master because whether we are informed (I am) or not, I think we all feel that we are going to go through difficult and uncertain times - even if I remain optimistic, we have no choice ^^ personally decided to don't have this one of being depressed - no time to loose !


Finally, I wanted to share with you my truly personal and clearly favourite creation!

In my opinion, if you eat a little of this every day, you're not far from becoming immortal (which is not my goal, although I do want to live a long and healthy life!)

It is a mixture of garlic, ginger and turmeric grated in equal proportions in a 3% salt brine and with a little ground pepper to activate the curcumin which has anti-cancer properties!

It has a delicious and rather unlikely smoky taste, ultimately sweeter strangely than the raw elements...


I hope this article will be of interest to you, so don't hesitate to ask me questions or make suggestions, it's always a pleasure !

Also, I have to say that I have learned a lot from my mistakes in life, like here on HIVE, and that I have decided to definitely privilege quality over quantity. If you like what I talk about and my work, feel free to add me to your curation trails - automated or not 🙃

Be well and your loved ones, I wish you all a nice Sunday !



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