ecoTrain QOTW :JOIN US! "What do you do to stay balanced and positive whilst on lockdown?"

In these times of global crisis when the coronavirus is wreaking havoc on the population, it is best to remain calm because the only thing you can do as citizens is to stay home. You are supposed to stock up on food but only one can and should go out. This situation is not a matter of games and the most worrying thing is that some people in an unconscious act make celebration meetings.


More than worrying, we have to take care of our mental health so that we don't crack like a porcelain cup; since that could make the situation worse. Staying at home, complying with the quarantine is one of the strategies for the prevention of this deadly virus, therefore to preserve sanity and family health it is advisable to share collective or individual activities that allow to strengthen ties and improve relationships and communication.

I suggest motivating children to do some school work. playing school. Try as little as possible to watch news that causes anxiety or stress. Overflow your creativity into activities you enjoy to keep your mind positive.


Playing with children is a way to become a child again and forget reality for a while.

The ideal is to keep your balance because you don't know how long the confinement will last and what will come after it. To do this, seek to be well with yourself and trust in God or what you believe, spend some time in prayer or meditation even if it is short. Smile, do not stop smiling. Distract your mind as much as you can, always thinking positively.

No-one said this would be easy but the answer to this pandemic is to keep yourself emotionally, mentally and spiritually balanced without falling into pressures that will shatter your tranquillity. The point is to adapt to the present situation. By this I do not mean that it is bad to feel bad, I mean accepting that there is a bad moment and that you do not know how long it will be.

By accepting the bad situation, it is time to adapt and build a world inside the house, a new lifestyle.

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ecoTrain QOTW :JOIN US! "What do you do to stay balanced and positive whilst on lockdown?"

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