Some positive consequences during the COVID-19 pandemic


Dear readers, the year 2020 has brought us some not very encouraging surprises, among them one that has become a global reality, I am referring of course to the COVID-19 a virus that came to change our lives in many areas from health to the environment, in general terms many lives have been unfortunately lost and a great majority of people have lost their jobs, but in the present publication I will focus on some aspects that I consider positive for those of us who have managed to stay free of this virus, with this I join the great initiative of the friends of @ecotrain who week after week carry out great initiatives through the question of the week. If you want to participate, I share the link below so that you know the rules that are required to share your post.


With the arrival of the COVID-19, all countries adopted prevention measures with social distancing, also known as quarantine, because of this quarantine the economic activities of different sectors have been carried out remotely from our homes, this has reduced the excessive use of vehicles and a reduction of industrial activities. This has brought about a positive consequence from the environmental point of view for our ecosystems, since some institutions such as the World Meteorological Organization have reported a decrease in the emission of Carbon Dioxide CO2 which is one of the greenhouse gases with the greatest accumulation in the atmosphere and one of the causes of global warming.

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On the other hand, from the financial point of view, with the massive layoffs that took place in some companies, many people were affected, but in a certain part seeing the positive point of view such situation caused that each one of us put in practice our skills to provide a service or in its defect to market some products, bringing a teaching that you cannot depend on a salary and that we can undertake some businesses in which we have the necessary skills and stop underestimating our abilities.

Also from the point of view of technology, with distance work people have been forced to use technological tools and platforms, generating a learning in the use of technology, taking into account that with an appropriate and balanced use of them can be of great help for the implementation in activities of importance for the business sector. At an educational level, technology has also allowed us to educate our children from our homes, as long as they are supervised by their parents. A great number of educational platforms have been implemented that are very useful for students and teachers.


In this same sense, at the family level it has allowed us to strengthen the family bond, to spend more time with your loved ones is priceless, it is more hours of conversations, hobbies, games with your children, something that without a doubt is of great value and that in the long term creates firm bases in our children, I say this because I have seen how many young people reproach their parents for the little time they spend with them because of the suffocating hours of work.

Similarly, it has allowed us to reflect on many personal things and self-analyze our way of seeing and doing things, likewise, has allowed us to value direct contact with our friends, understanding that not all communication should be done through social networks, there is nothing better than direct communication that allows the transmission of feelings and emotions that strengthen the bonds of friendship.

Urban agriculture has also been strengthened, in my case in particular we have developed gardens in our home, in addition to recycling our kitchen waste with the implementation of homemade worm farming, with this we can generate an ideal worm compost to improve the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil in our garden, this certainly allows you to consume organic vegetables without any chemical residues and generates a kind of self-sustainability in the consumption of vegetables.

Garden made in our home delimited with plastic containers

Dear reader, these are only some of the positive aspects that I consider the quarantine has brought about, I am sure there are many anecdotes and experiences that you have lived during this long period, so do not hesitate to leave them in the comments, this will strengthen the publication, remember that in the face of any adversity we must always see the positive side of things, I can only tell you that we must continue to take care of ourselves so that we can all be complete celebrating life with our dearest people when the cure for this terrible virus is achieved.

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