Dear readers, I am pleased to participate in another initiative proposed by our friends at @ecotrain with the support of two large communities like @hivebuzz and @medicinanatural, in this opportunity I will share with you some situations that arise in the area where I live, which is a rural area where the management of crops is done with the excessive use of pesticides, which has caused some congenital diseases in many children in addition to generating a lot of stress when consuming some fruits and vegetables by the amount of toxic agro residues that can preserve.

I focus on this particular issue because my son at the time of his birth presented a congenital malformation in his left lung, something unexplainable, since, my wife had a very quiet gestation period, but during that period she began to consume some fruits such as strawberries that are grown in nearby places and where many pesticides are used for crop management, as agricultural engineers we deduce that this was what happened because, We know the type of affectations that cause such handling, from that moment on if we talk about mental health such situation has generated an excessive or obsessive control of food, taking into account that apart from that our country Venezuela is going through an economic crisis , which makes it difficult to buy some drugs and above all to pay some type of surgical intervention if necessary.


For those of us who are in the agricultural area and bet on a more sustainable agriculture where we can balance and decrease a little the use of agrochemicals, this situation becomes a frightening reality, in our area there are large areas planted with banana cultivation, generally for the management of Mycosphaerella Fijiensis aerial applications with pesticides, you can imagine how such products are spread to certain communities, in addition to this the excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers such as nitrate that has caused some children to present a certain blue tone in their skin because these nitrates are reduced to nitrites and then transferred to the blood, so people with this pathology present the blue tone in their skin due to lack of oxygen in the blood.

From my point of view, this situation, together with the pandemic, the economic crisis, certain deficiencies in public services and other problems that diminish the quality of life, create a collective stress that does not allow for a focus on work activities, It would be ideal to implement educational meetings based on the concerns presented by the residents themselves, from the agricultural approach to teach them how to make organic products and explain that with the implementation of natural organic matter can obtain excellent crops and reduce some public health problems, that undoubtedly would achieve a balance in the emotional state of the people because they feel that there are viable solutions to some of their problems. Adopting this type of educational alternatives where solutions are generated could guarantee the balance of people with their socio-environmental environment, which would translate into a better quality of life.


Dear readers, I say goodbye very satisfied as I always do when I participate in initiatives like these, I hope you will be encouraged and participate, then I leave you the link to observe the indications:

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