ecoTrain Question Of The Week #21: My Spiritual Experiences


In recent weeks I have observed a large number of initiatives on the platform, some very significant, as they allow us to share personal experiences with all users and thus make known the human being behind each writing. In this opportunity the friends of @ecotrain ask a very interesting question concerning a spiritual experience, when I saw it I said to myself I must participate and leave captured an experience that from my point of view I consider to be spiritual, since, I transform my personality. Without more preamble I will begin to describe it, I hope you will accompany me with the reading until the end.

The title that accompanies my experience is related to my son's name, you will soon notice, because I call him "The New Man". Ten years ago, specifically on November 17, 2010 my beloved son Jose Ernesto was born, my firstborn, you can imagine the emotion I felt at that moment, however, at birth he presented respiratory problems and was taken to the nearest hospital in an emergency, he needed an incubator to stabilize him, he remained for three days in the place and did not present any improvement, the doctor in charge pointed out that the child needed artificial respiration and the hospital center did not have special equipment for newborns.

On November 20th he was transferred to the nearest city, where there is a university hospital with specialized care that had all the necessary equipment for his attention, when he was admitted, I did not think that my baby would be so badly off, to my surprise he was admitted to the intensive care unit on an emergency basis, the doctors carried out the relevant studies and two days later the specialists informed us that the child had a lung deficiency due to cysts in the upper left lobe, which was a congenital condition that can occur in 1 newborn in 10. 000 and coincidentally my son was that number 1, you can imagine our desperation, since, that contracted him a strong pneumonia, that type of malformations is known as pulmonary cystic adenomatoid.

José Ernesto in his early days

It is there where my spiritual experience begins, I am a man of science, researcher of the agricultural area and therefore, always a believer of the scientific methods to solve or know the causes of the problems, but in those moments when I saw the few hopes that existed through science, I clung to something inexplicable that goes beyond the senses, mind and intellect, I would say at this time that I experienced something that we call "FAITH" during those days I felt like I was in a parallel world, where I could only think about how that supreme being called God could help my child, it is a moment where you prefer to give your own life for that of a small being, which is part of you.

Those were days when I held on to something that was intangible to recover my baby's health, it was difficult to see him with tubes and hoses everywhere, my wife and I decided to carry our phones in our pockets during visits and turn it on with a very special song that my wife listened to when she was pregnant, a song that belongs to a musical group from our country called Guaco, it seemed magical every time we arrived and my son listened to that melody, he began to move, you could see the stimulus, they are difficult but beautiful anecdotes that I will never forget.

José Ernesto resting

A few days later, on December 5th, the doctors said that the child was not getting better, that the only possibility was to risk an operation to remove the upper lobe of the left lung, that is, half of the lung, but there are dates available, until next year, to be able to use the operating room, since there are many scheduled surgeries. Our intangible sensation persisted and made us feel that everything would turn out well, these are moments where human sensitivity comes to the surface and you understand that not everything in life is money and luxury, that there is something called love that moves mountains and it is a feeling that fills you with beautiful sensations without any kind of miserable feeling.

On December 7 at the time of the visit we entered and observed that the incubator of our son was empty, many things went through my mind, but the doctor came and told us unfortunately today a child died and we decided to occupy the free space of the operating room to operate on Jose Ernesto, we believe that he has a chance to live, were six hours that the operation lasted, during that time there was only one thought in my mind, and was that the hands of the doctors were handled by God, were hours of much meditation. At the end of the six hours we saw the incubator leave the operating room, and I observed that my child had his eyes wide open, touching the hoses he had on with his hands and the doctors pointed out that he never stopped moving his hands during the operation, which was active at all times.

José Ernesto Smiling at Life

The next day, December 8th, the doctor tells us that the operation was a complete success, that they were able to extract the upper left lobe without any complications, that the ease with which they were able to do it was inexplicable and that the child was always active showing strength, the doctor asked for all the medical reports and the tomography to show them in his postgraduate classes, my son was discharged on December 15th, it was when for the first time after almost a month he tasted breast milk my wife was completely excited and grateful to God.

José Ernesto discharged by his doctor and drinking breast milk for the first time.

Dear reader, respecting the religious beliefs of each one of you, I must say that from that moment on I am a man of faith, I am sure that each one of you has cultivated it in difficult moments that make us meet again our human side, you become an optimistic and patient person, trusting that everything will go well if you internalize it. My son was reborn to be a new man, God knows why he does things, today he is about to turn 10 years old and he is a great sportsman in the disciplines of baseball and basketball his lower left lobe grew and occupied the lung cavity, I am very grateful with everything I have. Let it be clear that faith moves mountains, God bless you!

José Ernesto in Baseball, my champion !

José Ernesto at his basketball practice !
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