The few moments we spent playing cricket with friends on the ground

Cricket craze is on the rise all over the world. When a series starts in a country and boys from cities and villages also start playing cricket. There is often no ground in the villages. There is a ground in Government High School in our area. Boys go there and play matches and show the essence of their fun and fitness. Today was our village match and the boys were playing together. There was a hotball match and the boys were playing. I went to the ground and asked where the boys were. I started to ask the boys.

There are many benefits to wearing a helmet. If a ball is a bouncer, it is necessary to use a helmet to protect the face. Many players have lost their lives because of not wearing a helmet. Not wearing a helmet has resulted in the loss of life due to the ball hitting the head so we are as important to the Test man as water for the fish. All players who are involved in cricket must use the helmet.

Helmets as well as gloves should be worn on the hands. Wearing gloves in the hand. The ball hits the hand. The pain is less. Otherwise there is a risk of breaking the fingers because the fingers are on the bed On the one hand, the ball in the middle of the ball, the work of the fingers is over and due to this injury, the best man is out of the next matches and the team seems to have lost a lot of days. And because of them his team loses and returns home
Some things are needed to play cricket. First you need the ball, then you have to have the bed and gloves and you have to sit on your legs. This is the big tournament and the safety of the player There should be underwear underneath and there should be a safe guard which is attached to the delicate parts of the body. They must wear it and get down to the ground. The catch has to be reversed. Catch can go from the top of your head at any time and can be done on top of you as there is a saying in Punjabi.

The fielder standing on the boundary has to be alert at all times. He has to stop the fours and sixes and also has to show good fielding. Playing and whichever side is short has to be alert when playing in two lots, the fielder also gets a chance to take note, but if the throw is on direct wickets, chances are run out.
My dear friends, cricket should be played with the understanding of cricket. Fighting should not be a quarrel. Cricket often takes place in the villages.

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