Devastating effects of society on the deterioration of Mother Nature

Much has been said about the devastating effects of society on the deterioration of Mother Nature, even in each world meeting to discuss this issue and take corrective measures, it is assured that the effects that society has on the environment are evident, exposing data that reveal that in recent years, we consume and produce more and more waste that are harmful to both flora and fauna.

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▶ It is openly known that consumption habits in society have changed significantly over the years and, above all, with the greater technological development of the last three decades. Nowadays, the need to fill a void, or simply go with the flow of society, by buying goods and products that sometimes we don't even need, is becoming more and more notorious.

In previous decades, when there was no such abundance of products, people valued saving the goods they had, while nowadays, the reality is quite different, as consumerism has turned us into potential predators of Mother Nature.

Consequently, one of the most palpable problems of the change in consumption habits is that more and more waste is generated, which in most cases ends up in the environment, affecting it directly or affecting the species that inhabit it, for example, the increase in plastic containers that come from many products, are a very polluting waste and sometimes difficult to reuse.

From the productive point of view, modern society knows first hand that the problem of programmed obsolescence forces us to replace many old goods with new ones, as is the case of electronic devices or household appliances.

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The problem lies in the habits of modern society, since the production of these goods up to the waste that is dumped into nature, produces great negative impacts on the environment, the living beings that inhabit it and our own quality of life, because we are aware that in order to acquire products in stores, there is a long process of handling resources and at each stage waste is generated, unfortunately policies to counteract this sad reality is relatively null in the world.

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