Consistency in the Face of Life. Sometimes it's a Bloody Battle

There are a few people here that I check in with regularly who may be wondering what I am up to as I have been far from present these last few weeks.

Suffice to say life is not particularly good for me right now. I have been absent from work for a month or so due to some extended family issues, as a consequence, I am not in a great head-space at the moment. I am plodding on and going through the motions and the same old oddball Steven you know and love tolerate.

JUST ME!!!.jpg

You know how it goes, I'm sure. An event in one area of our life has a knock-on effect on the others and as a consequence, we experience an exaggerated distortion of our everyday routine.

However, these things come to try us and life is invariably better when we come ou the other side because we build a little more resilience into our character. The bad times are never permanent and will indeed come to pass soon enough 'albeit not soon enough'.

Did you ever stop to think that maybe you have a little too much compassion, too much empathy, too much understanding? Perhaps, if we were a little harder we could stroll through the tough times unfazed.

Ah but then we wouldn't be who we are and it takes many years to build a congruent identity, imagine the feelings of discombobulation we'd experience if we all went about changing our core values and qualities every 5 minutes?

If we could switch off the effects of the bad times, the darker moments of life, would we be able to recognise the joy and optimism with the same amount of gusto that we currently do when it arrives?

I have some utterly wonderful friends here and I already know they would send their best so there really is no need to comment these sentiments, I already know, that's why I am bothering to check in and explain my stuttering blockchain presence right now.

I am as committed to this community as I ever was, in many ways more so. Sadly these recent setbacks came at a time when my impetus was at its strongest, compared to any time over the past 3 years.

I mentioned a while back that I harbored a secret desire to become a full-time content creator by the end of 2022, I actually took steps in this direction recently, sadly they are temporarily on the back-burner but I look forward to sharing more on this when life settles down again.

I loved the feeling of posting every single day and being able to fit it into my already busy life, once momentum is working in your favour, it's simply a case of keeping to the pattern you have set in motion.

No matter how problematic life becomes, I have committed to putting out at least one post every week come hell or high water just so I do not get disconnected from Hive and its fabulous community.

When I have the time I will stalk as many comment sections as I can, this place has helped me get through a few rough patches over the last few years, I value it and the people who inhabit it.

I hope you and yours are well and have an amazing Friday and an even better weekend to follow.