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Decentralized doesn't have to mean chaotic. A case for Hive communication.

I'm not a big fish in here. I know. However, I'm in this pond for more than 3years and I deeply believe that Hive will succeed over time. Being super bullish doesn't make me blind and obviously, I can see Hive's shortcoming. After reading a recent post of @fredrikaa I'd like to add my 3cents.


Decentralization doesn't mean chaos.

I know we all are fed up with hierarchical structures and all models practiced by the centralized world. I'm a rebel too. But after the revolution and tearing down the old world there needs to come a time to create new, healthy structures. New ideas to govern, new ideas to market, new ideas to do anything that allows communication with the external world.

Otherwise, we might become that frustrated, misunderstood chain which is so revolutionary, that no one gets it wondering why nobody comes to use this wonderful tech.

I'll try to keep it short. We need a mouth. A voice. Not a shiny, smiling face of Sun, but somebody who understands this place, is fully committed, can communicate, and could speak on behalf of the community.

And like in the hive queen doesn't have any power, the mouth also has no power over the community. There are different bees that do different jobs, and all of them are needed for Hive to thrive. We have different skillsets and specialization is fully within the realm of decentralization.

But how?

Hive, for the obvious reasons, is a highly technical community, it's full of developers, engineers, and IT people. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome and it's an opposition of situation known from governments. We were able to democratize a process of block confirmation and this system is kinda meritocratic and kinda liquid democracy. I love it!

But as far as I can see there is absolutely no idea how to do more soft tasks like marketing or PR. It almost seems like some people assumed "let's have the best tech, and devoted community and users will come". I know it's not the case, I guess it's the emergent quality of a highly technical environment.

So I came up with an idea to create another voting system to elect people who would be Hive's mouths, official contact people who would be able to communicate outside, speak to media, talk to crypto YouTubers about Hive.

In some ways, it would help to decentralized Hive even more by empowering more people and creating more power-centers. But let's avoid politics. This is the song of the past. Mouth's personal opinions don't really matter as long as it will be someone committed with skin in the game.

One of the things to design carefully is a voting system that would acknowledge stakes but at the same time allow a big group of the minnows to overtake the outcome in case of power centralization. I see it as one of the potential points of failure. But these are specific tweaks.

This is the first part of the system, the second one would be a system for expressing opinions in organize manners. Anybody could add a relevant topic or issue that would be voted later by all interested users, the outcome could be viewed in the two-way
-HP wise
-user count wise

In that way, we could have a place showing the current voice of Hive. The outcome wouldn't be decisive in any other way but steering the voice of mouth. The mouth would be a face that passes this voice further, to the outside world.

The marketing efforts of the mouth could be financed by DHF money but in a more systematic way than a simple proposal, more like regular money that goes for this goal, similarly as resources committed to witnesses (which, I know, come from inflation) but from the fund.

I strongly believe this kind of implementation would make Hive a more transparent and open place and it would allow direct random buzz and achieve the power of swarm. What are your thoughts?


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