Sunday Reads #9: Artificial Intelligence, The Metaverse, Social Media Monster

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Every week I read countless stories on Medium some are good, some are not so good, some are just fluff, but some are great. Each Sunday I will share my greatest finds. The pearls of Medium. Fascinating, insightful, packed with value, and often overlooked stories.

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Sunday Reads

This week on Sunday reads — We will be looking at Artificial Intelligence, its impact on society, its future, and existing use cases. We will be taking a look at the latest developments in the Metaverse. And reflecting on the social media monster we have created.

1.AI Is Ushering In a New Copernican Revolution — Vin Bhalerao

For a long period of time humankind believed that the Earth is the center of the Universe. Copernicus proved this to be wrong. We have gotten used to the idea that our planet is not even the center of our solar system.

But we still think of ourselves as the highest manifestation of life on Earth. We are conscious, we can think and we are creative. But what if AI comes along and proves to be more creative and more capable than human beings, will this usher us into another Copernican moment in history?

AI Is Ushering In a New Copernican Revolution

2. Open AI CEO Sam Altman Predicts the Next Trillion Dollar AI Company — Sam Warain

Open AI is the company behind GPT-3 one of the most successful large language models and DALL-E2 an impressive text-to-image generation tool.

What does their CEO think of the state AI is currently in? And in which direction does he forsee the most meaningful progress taking AI in the future?

Find out by reading this article by Sam Warain:

Open AI CEO Sam Altman Predicts the Next Trillion Dollar AI Company

3. The Metaverse Finally Has Some Legs to Stand on — Stephen Moore

Mark Zuckerberg just might be one of the most hated tech CEOs out there. Lately, he has been investing billions of dollars towards building the metaverse, and investors are not impressed.

But the progress Meta (former Facebook) is making in the Virtual Reality space cannot be disregarded. Read about one of their latest announcements here:

The Metaverse Finally Has Some Legs to Stand on

4. Your Personal AI-Powered Photoshop Designer — Louis Bouchard

We have all seen how good AI is at generating images from scratch (if not check out here). But that is not all AI is capable of. Image restoration, inpainting, upscaling all kinds of photo manipulation have become easier to achieve thanks to the newest wave of AI generative networks.

What used to take hours for professionals to do, can now be done in seconds using AI. Check out how good AI has got here:

Your Personal AI-Powered Photoshop Designer

5. TikTok: we’ve just created another monster — Enrique Dans

TikTok has seen massive growth. And it is the fastest-growing social media network to achieve such a large user base to date. Its algorithm is astoundingly good at keeping its users engaged. It is addictive.

And there are two things we should really pay attention to moving forward.

  1. Media literacy
    It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish what's real and what's fake.
  2. Controlled consumption
    With fine-tuned algorithms designed to keep us glued to the screens, we need to look for new ways to control the way we consume this type of media.
    Read Enriques take on the dangers of TikTok:

TikTok: we’ve just created another monster

That’s it for the week. See you again next Sunday! :)

Stay curious and stay HungryMinded!

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