Spring roses that fall in love.

We have just entered June and that means that Spring will soon leave us, which is one of the times of the year that I like the most. And we will enter the dreaded Summer, which is undoubtedly the time of the year that I like the least and that my two little hooligans like the most.

So I'll have to take the kids to the beach and build sand castles until they get tired, which with the energy they have won't be soon. I am already preparing the towel, the umbrella, the protection cream and the playlist. Maybe add a book too.

But I was already getting off topic. To say goodbye to this humid spring I am going to create some roses that will make you fall in love. With the fantastic tool that is the AI and a few pieces of data, everything was resolved.

He has created 4 very interesting images of roses that transmit to me that freshness and energy that are so typical of the spring that we leave behind.

Created with: nightcafe
Web: https://creator.nightcafe.studio/my-creations

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