Personalizing AI images

I was playing with AI and making backgrounds like this:

Image 1 (9).png
And then castles like these:

Image 1 (1).png

Image 1 (2).png

But then I thought that AI must be getting plenty of similar prompts and requests so I tried to deviate a bit from what people would normally ask and I used some creativity with my prompts. For example, since I was making castles I could have asked for a dragon, but not just any dragon, a pretty unconventional one:

Image 1 (7).png

And what if terminator was a slouth?

Image 1 (6).png

Or peppa pig an epic superhero?

Image 1 (8).png

kick ass teddy bear and his companion:

Image 1 (4).png

Animal heroes (here AI surprised me, I could not have come up with a racoon-style pegasus):

Image 1 (5).png

While it can be extremely useful to get AI to just breathe life to our prompts I think it is more satisfying to also add some personal touch to our requests. Which one was your favorite?

Image 1 (3).png

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