Powering up for oct 1st HPUD! here are some reasons why. Are you powering up?

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gm HIVE!

It's the first of the month and that means it's Hive Power Up Day (HPUD)!

In this video, I'd like to go over some of the reasons I'm powering up today and why you should consider it too.

If you'd like to learn what #HPUD is, how it got started, and how to win some prizes from please follow @traciyork and check out her monthly posts on HPUD:

Hive Power Up Day for October 1st, 2022

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Reason #1 - To show my commitment to HIVE

committed to HODL for the long-term

Powering up on the first of the month means we're putting away our liquid HIVE and locking it up as HP. This means we can't spend it until after we power it back down, a process that takes 13 weeks.

I'm in absolutely no rush to start a power down, so in my case, powering up means we won't see that HIVE on the market until after 2026 (maybe).

committed to giving back to the community

Higher HP means I can reward creators for their quality blog posts and insightful comments with a higher upvote. This keeps the community engaged and incentivizes new people to try out the many dapps built on the Hive blockchain.

Reason #2 - To stay on target with my personal BHAG

A few weeks ago, I set a Big Hairy Audacious Goal for myself: to reach 100,000 HP by December 2026.

I've called this project my 5-year jive to 100k HIVE

To reach my goal, I'v made a spreadsheet with how much HIVE I need to make on a daily basis from posts, curation, delegation and purchases.

I'm still not on target with the amount of HIVE I'm earning as a creator, but at the current HIVE price of $0.485, I'm still able to stay on track by buying HIVE on the open market.

My current daily goal is to start making around

  • 30 HIVE per day from posts
  • 5 HIVE from curation,
  • 5 HIVE from delegation and
  • 11 HIVE from purchases.

This last number should gradually go down until eventually all my HIVE is earned from #proofofbrain activities (posting and curating). Of course, this doesn't mean I won't keep buying #HIVE if it's on sale like it is today.

Oct 1st BHAG status.png

oct 1st BHAG chart.png

The amount of HP I have today makes me a dolphin, the third of the sea-creature themed ranks on the blockchain.

If all goes according to plan, I'll be able to reach the next rank on HIVE around Q2 2024 .
DateHP GoalActual number
1 Oct '2221,07121,071.656
31 Dec '2225,712---
31 Dec '2344,327---
4 Apr '2450,000---
31 Dec '2462,993---
31 Dec '2581,608---
31 Dec '26100,223---
alex-rourke dolphin badge.png

HPUD sea creature badges.png

Here are some estimated figures that will help you understand how much HP you need for each rank:

Red Fish = less then 500 Hive Power
Minnow = at least 500 but less then 5000 Hive Power
Dolphin = at least 5000 but less then 50,000 Hive Power
Orca = at least 50,000 but less the 500,000 Hive Power
Whale =at least 500,000 Hive Power and above

If you'd like to know what your rank is, you can visit hivebuzz.me, a project developed by the amazing @arcange

How about you? are you powering up for HPUD?

happy HPUD my friends!!

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