The Root Of All Evil

The ease with which the financial, economic and political elites sacrifice the lifes and livelihoods of the 99 percent knows no bounds; the Democrats were willing to jeopardize the lifes of their base by letting people vote during the pandemic, just because it was the right moment for their preferred candidate, Joe Biden, and the Republicans do everything in their sizable power to motivate their base to go to work and not let the economy implode. The elites are in perfect agreement: money is more important than saving lifes.


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It's sickening to listen to the ones who are supposed to work for we, the people, as the pure disdain for people resonates in their every utterance. What I want you to realize more than anything, dear reader, is that this is the default state of affairs, it's just that in crisis situations the true face of your capitalist overlords is more apparently visible; when in "normal" times we suffer "capitalism with a friendly face", during disasters we fall back to "capitalism in your face." But they're the same face. Like George Carlin used to say: they don't care about you, not at all, and they will gladly sacrifice you and your loved ones on their corporate altar of endless profits. Why do you tolerate this evil? I think I know why; most of you just fail or are unwilling to recognize that capitalism itself is the root of all this evil.

In "normal" times I already find it hard to understand why so many people think that capitalism is just fine, but during crisis situations, when capitalism's evil core is laid bare for all to see, it's nigh impossible for me to forgive this willing blindness. Yes, we've all been brainwashed into believing that this godforsaken system of "free trade", "supply and demand" and profit-seeking is the best we can do, but do you really still believe that during a crisis like this pandemic, and see how everything and everyone is so enslaved to their individual and collective profit-margins that they are willing to sacrifice millions of human lifes? For God's sake, Trump just said that he envisions packed churches on the first day of Easter; those churches will become epicenters for the further spreading of Covid-19, people will most certainly die, but he does-not-care, because the economy is more important than those people. He can't help himself because he's just playing his role on capitalism's world-wide stage. Like most people he doesn't see the evil in capitalism.

Don't be fooled into thinking that modern society derives its morals and values from the Bible, or some vaguely defined "Judaeo-Christian" heritage; we derive our morals and values from that other overarching paradigm called capitalism, and we've been doing so for more than 10,000 years, since we started producing more than we can consume and split up society in a producing owner class and a consuming working class. When you organize your entire socioeconomic system around the core value of maximizing personal gains, it should surprise no one that those who are best at maximizing their personal gains float to the top echelons of that society; it should surprise no one that in society overall, only 4 to 5 percent is sociopath or psychopathic, while among politicians and CEO's that percentage is around 20 percent. You ability to maximize personal gains goes hand in hand with your ability to NOT CARE about other people. Why is this such a mystery to so many individuals in this moment in time? Everything we see going wrong right now is a direct result of the capitalist mentality of being selfish, as selfish as humanly possible, even if the result is an utterly inhumane world. If right now you still believe we can't do any better than this, you're lacking imagination as far as I'm concerned. That might sound harsh, but I can't help being honest about it.

Krystal Ball implores AOC to KILL corporate robbery bill

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