The Big Lie

For a Big Lie to exist, there has to be a Big Liar. This is a subject that has been discussed and reported on countless times by everyone and their grandmother: the alleged stealing of the 2020 elections in America. However, this short post isn't about Trump but about the Big Liar behind him: America's most-watched cable news network, Fox News.


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I've just finished watching a two part documentary called "The Big Lie," which is about how Fox News became Trump's personal propaganda network, and how their intimate relationship developed into a severe financial, judicial and ethical burden on the network's owner, Rupert Murdoch, his relationship to his two sons, and the rift it created between the Murdoch brothers. The fact that, even today, 36 percent of Americans still believe that Trump actually won the 2020 presidential elections, is a testament to the power of propaganda. Even though, like I said in the introduction, this topic has been extensively discussed, this documentary shed some new light on it, showed me some details I wasn't aware of before, and gives a clear chronological account of events that culminated in the January 6th uprising by "Stop the Steal" protesters.

What I didn't know, for example, is that Trump personally visited Rupert Murdoch in Scotland to ensure his support for the 2016 elections. I also didn't know that Murdoch sacked the Fox News reporters who called Arizona for Biden in the 2020 elections. It was fascinating for me to learn how Fox News perfected the art of predicting results, how they created a whole separate team of experts for this, which is why Fox News was actually the first network to call Arizona for Biden. We've all seen how this single, and correct call completely ruined the relationship between Trump and Fox, but I didn't know that within 14 days after that call, one of the main reporters who correctly predicted that Arizona would go to Biden was fired for telling the truth.

How Murdoch’s Fox News allowed Trump's propaganda to destabilise democracy | Four Corners

Two plus two equals four, the Earth is a globe, and Biden won the elections. These are facts we should all be able to agree upon. There's no evidence of any large scale fraud in the 2020 elections. The Dominion Voting machines were not rigged to steal the elections. Dominion, the manufacturer of the voting machines used in most states and counties, isn't owned by Smartmatic, and Smartmatic isn't founded by Chavez loyalists for the sole purpose of stealing elections. The Trump loyalists who spread these lies are now facing billions of dollars worth of lawsuits against them, and include some of Fox's most prominent anchors. Even before this whole pact between Trump and Fox, Fox News viewers were already the least informed part of the American population; now they are the QAnon believers who will follow their Great Leader literally to their deaths, which you can read about in this article about the same Big Lie.

I've linked both parts of the documentary for your viewing pleasure, and I hope you'll watch them both. What stood out for me were the pictures of the crowds that attend the Trump rallies; most of them are boomers, older conservatives who still get their news from television alone, exactly how I imagine the typical Fox News viewer to be. And what I realized more than ever is that this isn't over. I've always said that Trump isn't the disease, but a symptom of a much deeper problem. What we're witnessing in America and western Europe is the politics of cultural despair...

Fox and the Big Lie: Trump returns to campaign trail amid 'stolen election' lawsuits | Four Corners

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