Sanders NOT Dropping Out

We all know how utterly incompetent Donald Trump is; as a businessman he filed for bankruptcy 5 or 6 times, he got started with money from his rich father and as president of the United States he fails again and again at making deals that are beneficial to the American people, but instead excels at breaking deals that were designed to keep Americans safe.


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And that's just criticizing his occupational behaviors; the list of criticisms regarding his abuse of language in his many twitter- and retweet-sessions, his racist, bigoted and homophobic behavior and language is endless. Seeing how big of a disaster Donald Trump's presidency is, we can sort of forgive the Democratic voter-base for making it their first priority to remove this man from the White House. However, electing Joe Biden to do that is a grave mistake indeed; during the Democratic primary elections, and especially during this crisis situation he proves over and over again that he is just as incompetent as the current POTUS, just without the twitter-storms and the obvious antagonistic language. A choice between Biden and Trump in the general elections would be yet another choice for the lesser of two evils.

His only remaining competitor in the primaries is Bernie Sanders, and a lot of pressure is put on him by the Democratic party establishment and their tools in the mainstream media to drop out of the race. They's very much like to put the internal competition behind them, so they can begin focusing on the main task at hand: defeating Trump. Anyone who has seen Biden appear in public these past weeks, knows that he is clearly not the one to defeat Trump, and if by some miracle he does manage to do that, he's certainly not the man to lead the country. Unfortunately it would also take a miracle for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination; he would have to dominate all remaining elections. Still, staying in the race is the right thing to do for several obvious reasons, first and foremost because there still is a chance, however small, that he wins. But even if that weren't the case, Sanders is the only candidate with a strong, large and motivated support-base, which he can use to fill the vacuum left by the Biden campaign and the Democratic leadership; the Democratic counter-proposal to the GOP bailout is as pathetic as Biden's public appearances and contains no protection for America's working people and poor, and massive benefits for large corporations. Sanders needs to use the power given to him by his millions of supporters to put pressure on the Democratic party to do the right thing and get money in people's pockets RIGHT NOW. Just look at Biden in front of the camera these last days; is that really who you want to take on Trump or lead the country, the world even? I would hope not.

Bernie Confirms He's Staying In. Here's Why.

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