RE: Capitalist Corona Engineering

I believe you said somewhere that you are or that you were a teacher; I seriously doubt that, for teaching requires at least some modicum of intellectual prowess. I just said that capitalism is not the so called free market, and you simply go on with equating the two. You never read a word from Marx, that becomes clear in your every response, so stop using his teachings as a defense in your arguments. And how do you make the mental leap to conclude that I'm talking about redistributing wealth, when our entire discussion here revolves around the very existence of private property? How do you conclude that I want globalism as opposed to tribalism, when in fact I'm talking about global tribalism? Here's a free tip: go read some about economy, its history, try to at least have some inkling about what you're talking about before descending into these mindless rants about loving power... I really feel sorry for the kids in your class if you really are a teacher comrade.

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