RE: Capitalist Corona Engineering

We've had this discussion many times now my friend, and while I understand exactly where you're coming from, you seem to have a blind spot. Capitalism is not the free market. Any economy is concerned with two things: producing goods and distributing those goods. Capitalism's built-in class division is the same as in slavery, feudalism and anything else we've had since we stopped living like nomadic tribes; it's the few who own the means of production against the many who depend on those products. Your blind spot stems from an unfounded belief in some magical mechanism in which the accumulation of private wealth does not lead to those handful of people who own it all: Adam Smith called this "the invisible hand". Well, there is no such hand or any other mechanism that turns a fundamentally unjust system into some equitable equilibrium. If you can not understand that, we'll never agree on this point, but that's okay in a debate between so called free adults. Right?

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