Pricks In Space!

This is a short follow-up on my post Dicks In Space! from last month, now that Jeff Bezos has returned from his short visit to the edge of space. Again it's the mainstream media coverage of this billionaire and his insanely expensive hobby that triggered me to to the point of writing this...


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When we search Google for "selfish prick", this is the top result after the official dictionary definition: "somebody who is so completely self-absorbed, that he intentionally hurts others for his own benefit." The Urban Dictionary definition of "prick" is as follows: "Generically known as a worthless asshole. But more precisely, a prick is an incessantly annoying or obnoxious person who escalates their behavior the more they are ignored." Also: "Worse than a douche and jerk combined." All of these describe Jeff Bezos talking to the press after his return from the edge of space. Here's some of what he said:

I want to thank every Amazon employee and every Amazon customer, because you guys paid for all this.

Wow. This is the man whose delivery drivers have to piss in bottles and shit in bags in order to make their hellish delivery schedule, whose warehouse employees sometimes wear diapers because they're not granted time for a toilet break, the man who fights his employees' right to unionize by way of intimidation. And now he says "thank you"... Many of his employees have to apply for welfare to make ends meet because he refuses to pay them a living wage: Billionaire Bezos' Amazon warehouse employees depend on food stamps in 9 states. All the free market fanboys will say that Amazon pays the wage as determined by the market. Determined by the market... It's hilarious to me that these are the same people who rant on about freedom. Well, I got news for you: Bezos is free to not let the markets determine the wages he pays his employees! Y'all go on about freedom this, freedom that, and all the while you're acting like slaves. Even worse, when a relatively rich CEO, but a lot less rich than Bezos, pays all his employees a living wage, just because he wants to, just because he uses his freedom to NOT let the markets determine what he pays the people who add value to his business, the free marketeers come out in droves to mock that CEO. Watch this video:

The Right MELTED DOWN When CEO Paid His Workers $70k Minimum Wage

Here's my personal opinion on why the mainstream media is so full of admiration for Bezos and his fellow space billionaires; it's for us to get used to being abandoned by the few people who actually could make a difference in our bleak future. "When the planet goes to hell, we'll just leave you all to deal with it," is the message I get from all this. Bezos could use his freedom of choice to choose to pay his employees a fair living wage, instead he chooses to take his brother and buddies on a few minutes of near-space flight and buy a 500 million dollar yacht that's so enormous it has a small yacht as an emergency vessel. Heck, Bezos could even choose to single handedly solve America's housing problem, or pay off all student debts, or feed the world's hungry and starving people. He chooses to do none of that. He chooses to be a slave to the free markets. And the mainstream media's role in this is despicable, but also to be expected. Here's a neat headline about that: Jeff Bezos Got as Much Morning Show Coverage in a Day as Climate Change Got All Last Year. That's how fucked up their priorities are. Well, at least we got to laugh about the giant space dick...

Corporate Media DROOLS Over Jeff Bezos Space Joyride

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