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Why do so many Americans believe their country has a left wing party or left wing mainstream media? The Democratic Party is not a left wing party, not a party that represents the needs and wishes of the working class. Not by a long shot. And America's mainstream media is even worse, so let's get that straight.

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America has two political parties that matter: the Democrats and the Republicans. That's one right wing party, one far right wing party, and two corporate controlled parties. This is happening all over the developed world, but for American citizens it's the worst: it does not really matter which party has the White House. For decades now nothing has been done by either party to change the situation for the average American citizen. Wages haven't changed, healthcare is still the most expensive and least effective in the entire western world, the foreign wars continue, and Wall Street fares well whatever happens. The differences between those two parties are in the realm of fringe-issues that do not affect the living standard of the American citizen, like border control, abortion rights, LGBTQ rights and so on: on those issues the Democrats are clearly more progressive than the conservatives at the Republican Party.

Where really it counts, the economy, foreign policy and the social safety net, both parties obey the commands from their corporate donors. And that makes them both right wing parties. If you remember my post on the origin of the left - right dichotomy, The Divide, you'll remember that the left wing was the side that wanted less power for the king, and the right wing wanted the king to remain all powerful. Well, our modern kings are the multinational corporations, many of which are from the military industrial complex and the oil business, and both parties serve those modern kings, not their people. And since America's mainstream media are the mouth-pieces of these political parties, there is no left wing mainstream media. There just isn't. This was proven again when Bernie Sanders ran for presidential candidate; the Democratic Party and their so called liberal media saw to it he never had a real chance, and they did this in 2016 and 2020. They've made it crystal clear that they do not want any left wing candidate or policies.

In replies to my posts I'm still accused of defending "the socialists in the Democratic Party", and that baffles me time and time again: there are no socialists in the Democratic Party. None. Not even Bernie Sanders nor among the rest of the progressive wing of that party. The best you can get in America are Social Democrats. And they, by the way, all won their House seats comfortably, because left wing policies are very popular among ALL Americans, even nearly half of those who identify as Republican; that's things like universal healthcare, erasing student debts, raising the federal minimum wage and so on. All this is why I share with you the below linked short video; it's just another piece of evidence that America's mainstream media is anything but left wing. And the country is in dire need of some left wing voices, because so many Americans have no idea whatsoever what "left wing" or "progressive" even means...

Democratic Congressman Scolds Morning Joe For Pushing Propaganda

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