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Remember the 2008 presidential elections in America? I do. Americans, as well as the rest of the freedom and peace loving world were excited like they hadn't been in decades because a certain Barack Obama was about to be elected as the next President of the United States of America after he ran on a program of Hope & Change...


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The reason I remember Obama's presidency so well isn't just that feeling of hope, but much more because how fast I lost that feeling. I was only blogging on a Dutch website of leftists back then, and I remember very well the heated discussions I had with the many people who backed the first black president of America; I did not back that man and I was trying to make people see how much of a hack and hawk he really was. And still is as evidenced by the video I've linked below this post for you all. Watching that video makes all the anger I felt from 2009 on when it was already clear in my mind that Obama was just a very charismatic liar, a cheat and a hack; the way he responded to the financial crisis was all the proof any sane person would need. Right now my regular readers might be confused, because I do occasionally quote the man, but don't be. He regularly says the right thing, that's all; he's rhetorically gifted, he knows what to say, when to say it and to whom. He says the right thing, but never does the right thing, unless you mean "political right".

He was so good, he fooled the world so thoroughly that he received the Nobel Peace Price in 2009, when in fact his presidency up until that point was at least as murderous as that of his Republican predecessor, George W. Bush. The way he "handled" the 2008 financial crisis was scandalous and would behoove any neoconservative Republican, as he bailed out the criminals who caused that crisis while leaving the victims to their fate; bankers and CEOs were having a ball while regular home owners got evicted by the millions. And then we got Obamacare, a healthcare reform that cares about Big Pharma by keeping it 100% privatized and making it mandatory; this was originally a Republican plan designed by The Heritage Foundation. Obama took all the credit for taking "care" that more people got health insurance, something that's bound to happen when you MANDATE that people buy private health insurance from the greedy insurance companies...

But did healthcare become more affordable? Hell no, of course not; it only got more expensive as the insurers could now rest assured that most people would bend backwards to keep the MANDATORY insurance. Barack Obama himself once said on one of the many occasions that he was made out to be some extreme leftist in an interview (which only shows how far to the right the Overton window has shifted), that he's essentially a "Republican Light", that his views, opinions and policies are like those of Republicans in the 1980s. But saying all this when he was the POTUS would only get people angry, even now many people won't allow too much criticism against the fist black president of America; doing so might even get you labeled a racist by those whose political awareness doesn't reach further than what can be "learned" through the mainstream media.

It's long overdue that this man be kicked of the pedestal, right along with the Confederate statues, one being practical and the other symbolical political resistance against the status quo that got us in this current misery. I hope Obama will be remembered in the history books as the president who paved the way for Trump's election because that's exactly what he is. Sure, much of it also has to do with how mighty unpopular Hillary Clinton is, but what's undeniably true is that all those Americans who thought they voted for a left wing economical populist who would end the eternal wars to boot when they elected Obama were duped, and by 2016 they knew they were duped. So when Trump promised a dose of populism of his own, many who voted for Obama not just once, but twice, didn't have to think twice when confronted with a choice between right wing populism and left wing "same old shit".

The Obama's are doing well, very well indeed; Barack's net worth is estimated at around 40 million dollar and Michelle has another 20 million. They are so damn popular still, that they can do speeches for a couple of hundred thousand dollar a piece, and Barack receives the same pension as all other former presidents at around 200,000 dollar per year. And now Michelle Obama has a podcast with her husband as the first guest, and they're still the insufferable pricks they've always been. As Kyle Kulinsky describes: "The stuff they say is just as smug, arrogant, elitist and disconnected as you thought it would be." Just watch video and weep with me for the absence of a leftist political party in the mightiest country the world has ever seen. Sure there are some individual leftist politicians to be found within the Democratic Party, but the party itself is just like Obama, "Republican Light", and there's a dimmer switch turning the light down slowly but steadily, for Biden is "Republican Medium"...

The Obamas Smugly Chastise Young People On Michelle's Podcast

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