The next phases of control fueled by the plandemic (Agenda 2030)

It really is sad how uninformed most people are when it comes to major events that are going to have such an impact on their future.

In a way I get it. It can get depressing and living "in the moment" is often times much better for moral and the psyche and is really a key part of life. Constantly consuming information can lead to procrastination and even depression.

In the case of the plandemic however, there are far more sinister things that are apparently in the pipeline, which I will dissect and detail here, that will have massive impacts on people's lives directly. Masks and other nonsense can be avoided for the most part if you're clever about how you go about life, and are more of a nuisance, but what comes next could flatly derail people's lives and send them into catastrophic circumstances.

Effects on the food supply already beginning to show

If you haven't checked out The Ice Age Farmer on Gootube or better yet Bitchute, you're missing out on a lot of great information on what is being done to our food supply and that will have direct consequences on everyone worldwide.

This is his latest broadcast, it is somewhat lengthy but after following him for some time I will attempt to summarize key changes and events that are already unfolding as well as what is to come in the next couple of years.

Many people may not be aware, since the MSM of course rarely touches on such things except in brief passing, but there is a depopulation agenda at work, part of Agenda 2030 which like most globalist operations is riddled with propaganda doublespeak such as "sustainable", a term that merely means that you can't do certain things anymore because they cause "climate change".

Climate change propaganda is the next stage of this ongoing operation to subjugate humanity to a totalitarian superstate and one world government.

Christian (Ice Age Farmer) has done Yeoman's work deeply researching the 17 global goals of the U.N. for Agenda 2030. And one of those goals is to go to zero net emmissions by 2050, a goal they are working on now.

You may ask yourself how this would affect the food supply. Well, as we can recall, the climate change whore Al Gore has been hard at work trying to explain why cow farts are so bad. Remember when that joke was circulating around?

Its still there and now its being put into use, using the plandemic as a smokescreen (as many agendas have) to get punched through. Completely stopping the production of beef will be one goal. Industrial farming, as bad as it is in many ways, will obviously have to go because of the carbon dioxide hoax that never ceases to be promulgated to the world at large.

Just think of all the things that cause "emmissions", and your jaw may drop...and I'm just talking about food here. More on the CO2 aspect later.

Our friend Bill Gates and friends are of course fully on board. For years he has been ranting about the need to eat fake meat and why real meat is "so bad for climate change" (paraphrased). There is already talk of switching to bug meat. Some people might reason that this isn't that bad of an idea, since many cultures already consume bugs as a primary protein source.

But that's not the point here. The point is the forced change of our diets by creeps like Bill Gates and other non-elected officials, pushed through under the massively debunked global warming scam, and fueled by the complete freezing of society and thought under the scamdemic.

By the way here's the nutrition label for the Impossible Burger, a fake meat that has been on the shelves for years now. As a nutritionist, I simply shake my head at how preposterous the idea is that this is supposed to replace the abundance of nutrition from organic, well raised beef and other meats:

impossible burger.png

Disastrously short of the nutritional quality of good quality meat.

On a side note, they even had to create fake blood for these foods to appear "bleeding" like real meat. What could possibly go wrong with that project...

Even eating insects is not enough though. Since science is now officially smarter than nature, the peons (you and I) would most likely be eating lab grow insects that aren't even real bugs.

You might say to yourself "Well I should grow my own livestock then!" and this is an important point, but one that is being addressed as well, as part of the incentive to destroy local farms and move people from rural areas into smart cities of the future. The overlords don't want people hanging around out in nature creating small communities.

Even in my home state of CO is the Paws Act that basically says it is inhumane to slaughter livestock until they are old enough to die naturally. This would obviously devastate farmers. Similar legislation is being passed in other states. The move is ultimately to have people not own their own animals at all.

Another aspect of the food supply is the obvious massive rise in prices that is already beginning and will get much worse. Since most industrial farms rely on companies like Monsanto and Syngenta, both with huge funding by Gates, they are required to plant their seeds at a certain time, and of course those seeds are genetically modified. That last statement is the crux of the plant argument. In this dystopian future all plants, including those used in the fake meat, will be genetically modified.

Combined with the mRNA vaccines, basically everything on the planet will be genetically modified and patented by industrial super-giants, which will run the food sector of the entire planet.

They're are already, of course due to Covid (what a surprise), farms being devastated across the U.S. due to workers testing positive and subsequently entire operations are simply shut down by the government.

There are countless more examples of this happening and entire crop yields are simply left unharvested because of a faulty PCR test and crooked government agencies and their lackeys.

Convid-1984 is the ultimate weapon to punch through every single NWO agenda, and despite quite a bit of resistance it seems to be working. And the overriding of our food supply and manufactured shortages is just one more way to force people to comply with a future of fake bugs, GMO cheap nutrient-devoid vegetables grown and sprayed with pesticides, and the inability to even grow your own food.

Zero carbon emmissions

This is an overhaul of not just the energy and transportation systems but again life as we know it even for homesteaders attempting to escape the matrix of control and tyranny.

Obviously to achieve this goal everyone will be driving electric vehicles, there will be no gas powered transportation. Electric trains are the key to transport in the future.

Basically everything about life would change. From The Guardian:

Landscapes from coast to coast would be transformed, carpeted in wind turbines and solar panels, with enough new transmission lines to wrap around Earth 19 times. The populace would whiz past in their electric cars, to and from homes equipped with induction stoves and heat pumps. The air would be near-pristine. Hundreds of thousands of people who would have prematurely died from the toxic fossil-fuel age would still be alive. >

It’s an appealing vision, according to Eric Larson, senior research engineer at Princeton University. “In general, it will be a more pleasant place to be living in when we get to net zero emissions,” he said. “We will have cleaner air, and [will] have done our part to avoid disastrous climate change. That’s a good thing for us and the rest of the world.” >

Read this article yourself to see what a hellscape would be created, all under the guise of the massive fraud of global warming, which still has never been proven and will never be proven because it does not exist. It is another tool of control.

If you still don't think that this is a coordinated agenda of 2030, just note the headlines of these articles:

All over the world its the same year, the same plan.

No matter what you're views on electric vehicles is, this will impact long-distance driving terribly. No matter the technology, driving across the country (such as I do on most weekends) will simply be impossible or at least take monumentally more time, making in infeasible as electric vehicles will constantly have to be stopped and charged (and woe to the person who's car "malfunctions" in the middle of nowhere with no charging stations).

Farming machines such as tractors, even lawn mowers would have to electric.

And you don't get a choice in this, this is another imposition by unelected bureaucrats at the U.N. and their sister think tanks such as the World Economic Forum and the Club of Rome.

That is one of the key points of Agenda 2030. It doesn't matter who you vote for. They will all be taking orders from the U.N. and the vast majority of people will have no idea that its even happening and will simply go with the flow.

They're also slowly looking to creep into your home, which is another aspect of Agenda 30 and why it is so violating in nature. We take the idea that we can be at peace at home, even in this insane clown world at the moment. We can at least find a solace in our homes, right?

In Vermont, an article published in Inside Climate Change in 2019 asked the question of:

Vermonters have been heating their homes with wood for centuries. Many still do. The Green Mountain State leads the nation in its reliance on wood, with about a quarter of households using it as their primary heating fuel. >

In a state where winters are cold, forests abundant and people celebrate self-reliance, wood has also made its way into the Vermont’s latest renewable energy planning, billed as a way to cut climate-warming pollution. >

But is it a clean energy solution? >

This might seem like a pretty obscure and speculative article, and perhaps it is. But as we have seen in the past (at least those paying attention), globalists always like to plant seeds in the population before they come in and make new dictates and ultimatums. Once the energy grid is completely transformed to electrical, do you people really think they're just going to let all these people use wood burning stoves and heaters?

These two major concepts alone should be enough to convince people that they need to go from simple consumerism, which is rampant in the West today, to actually being producers and self reliant. Our lives are being shaped by people that we've largely never heard of.

Biomedical State

This is the aspect that I have drawn a line in the sand for personally. I do not consent to any type of mandatory injection or biomedical surveillance of any kind and this is the hill I'd die on, and one more reason to get out of major cities which will be absolutely targeted for these technologies first moving forward.

We now know the vaccination plan for the plandemic and it includes vaccine passports in one shape or another, at least for those that are stuck in large cities eating bugs, travelling around on electric scooters and oversanitizing everything and basically slowly killing themselves.

It is clear for anyone knowledgeable about health and wellness that the system in the West is a total catastrophe already. They don't hide it now. There is not a word on natural remedies of any sort, the transhuman / robotics / anti-nature approach to health, from the lips of the drones that make their way into the higher echelons of medicines is simple: drugs, vaccines, masks, injections, hand washing, over-sanitization, social distancing and other anti-social behaviors.

Critics of conventional medicine have long been silenced for their views. In the smart-city future of Agenda 30 there will be no natural cures for anything, at least the media will never report on them. Mountains of articles exist in the last two years of doctors being silenced and defamed for attempting to say absurd things like diet and exercise affect health.

When the plandemic began, I stumbled over this article that so neatly fit into the Agenda 2030 plan. It is from the BBC about how offices will be in 2025. Its long and I recommend to check it out for all the info, but it is very cringeworthy and frankly disgusting. Here are some of the quotations of what they want life to be like for the average worker (in cities of course) four years from now:

One day, the virus will subside. It could be eradicated. But even then, life will not simply return to the way it was before Covid-19. Spurred on by the coronavirus crisis, architects have been rethinking the buildings we inhabit.

Right off the bat literally the opening headline shows off-handedly how covid is nothing but a tool and even if it "goes away" nothing will be the same.

Meet Laila.
It's 2025 and she works from home four days a week. It's been that way since the 2020 lockdown.

On the ground floor Laila pauses in front of a thermal body scanner to check her temperature is normal. Today it's 36.5C. She passes.

Temperature checks daily for the rest of your life. Useless as hell, but a good signal of simple compliance.

A camera, used for facial recognition, identifies her as a staff member and a security barrier opens. At no point does she touch anything. Laila is on a contactless pathway.

Facial recognition and contactless surfaces throughout the entire building.

At the door Laila uses a hand sanitiser. She's so used to it now that she doesn't even think about it.

Another staple of the future office. The oversanitization of everything. Extremely dangerous over time but in the land of insanity mountains of scientific evidence means nothing in the control grid.

The article goes on to explain how they all stay apart and wear badges that beep when they get within six feet with each other and basically they live isolated, lonely pathetic slave lives for all of eternity in the smart cities.

This is just one article planting the seed of fear into the heads of the masses. This is the future of social health that is being planned out.

Canada has already moved forward with required vaccine passport to enter the country. So that's one country I'll never legally be entering again. Good thing there are plenty of ways to sneak across that border if the need ever arises.

The EU is already working on the green passport to "restore freedom" of travel there. That's a nice touch isn't it? Freedoms are being restored, meaning they never existed, since you can't take away freedoms.

Doubtless other vaccinations will be added to the passport and the Chine credit system will be attached eventually as the goal of Agenda 2030 and beyond is total surveillance, probably by A.I.

Over time more vaccinations will be required, slowly killing off the weak, who are already "vulnerable" (read: fat, eating like shit, dehydrated, out of shape, indoctrinated) and exposing the resistance to be hunted down. But that's just speculation.


Its a grim nightmare but if you're prepared you can weather the storm in my opinion, but this means adopting forgotten skills that are not taught in the large cities.

First step, which I will repeat ad nauseum and am in the process of planning myself, is get out of the large cities while you still have the resources to do so. Real estate prices are going to rise even in smaller areas, and the prices of commodities are already through the roof so building a house may not be an option at first.

Becoming self sufficient and working from home somehow is a great solution. Unless you want a nightmare work day like the one in that BBC article to be your life, learn skills that people need and then start generating income from it either from remote writing, coaching, creating videos, or even in person skills like being a carpenter, or a plumber. Something that people around you need that won't result in you having to show your vaccine passport just to enter the building or travel.

Learn to garden or at least find a place where you can get fresh food and stock up. I'm personally learning about long term food storage like canning and possibly vacuum sealing, or purchasing pre-packaged survival kits. Grow some animals, or learn to hunt.

In any case get supplies stocked up for incoming shortages. You don't want to be caught with your pants down when a lot of these changes start to roll through.

There will most likely be a split society in the next ten years. You have to make a choice, are you going to be the vaccine passport toting slave, monitored at every move, bowing down to the state and just sort of doing what you have to to survive? Or are you going to attempt to make a better world for yourself and other people and ultimately help to take down this control grid, and learn what's really going on around us.

It will be very hard to survive in the city without succumbing to the tyranny. If you're unvaccinated hordes of brainwashed zombies might literally attack you, you might even be arrested or put on some sort of list...either way it won't be pretty in the large cluster cities. Unless that's your thing and you're ok with it. I'm pretty much leaving the people in the cities on their own - cutting the rope. You have to help yourself first before helping other people. I hope everyone wakes up and fights these things, because we have a very rough time ahead of us if that doesn't happen.

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