Why you should attend the Anonymous Million Mask March too on November 5 of this year

Every year on November the 5th the world celebrates Guy Fawkes Day. But for the Anonymous collective, it's a day to go into the streets and march for a different number of reasons. The activists and hacktivists of Anonymous show, on this day, that they are united and active. But it's not just for Anonymous, it's an event for everyone. You can show up at any of the locations and join the Million Mask March.

As there are no leaders and there isn't a command structure, anyone can join or start an event to speak out for the things they believe in. You should just wear a Guy Fawkes mask to stay anonymous and keep your identity safe. Other than that, there aren't any real rules.

Looking at how society is changing right now, I can imagine many want to speak back. I suggest you join in on November the 5th. Because you are welcome.

Of course there is a great intro video:

And there is an even list too:

Organizers and activists are discussing in a Discord server:

So there is plenty of opportunity to learn more before you attend!

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