Breaking: Did the Australian government just cut the internet and social media streaming for citizens (September 23, 2021)

On social media it has been reported by a large number of users that the Australian government shut down the internet in Victoria, Australia. Below some examples.

Another one:

And another:

Facebook was supposedly contacted by "Dan Andrews" and the Victoria police to shut down live streaming. There also seems to be a Telstra Outage at the exact same time:

Video from the streets uploaded on our channel:

These are some ridiculous scenes from Australia as entire roads are being blocked by a huge police force, including police on horses. If anyone still thinks this is just about a virus and for your own protection, maybe it's time to think again. Human rights protests are going on daily now and are increasing in size.

I confirmed the outages at the ISP's and the removal of live streams on Facebook. I can't confirm if the government is behind it or not, but it would be an amazing coincidence.

UPDATE: I just noticed large Telegram groups filled with organizers of Australian protests have suddenly been removed.

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