One of the few facts of the presence of Nazism in Ukraine

A Google search for 'Azov Battalion' can find many interesting images posted on their social networks by 'defenders of Ukraine'


Briefly written about them in the Spanish Wikipedia


It is also worth noting that the US House of Representatives banned the training of the 'Azov' battalion because of their neo-Nazi views.


Here is another article on the basis of which the United States ceased cooperation with this organization.


The initiative of 40 US congressmen to recognize the Azov Regiment as a terrorist organization has caused quite a stir in Ukraine and abroad.


This initiative owes much to the appearance of the Colin Clark report


Many social media profiles of the fighters of this battalion are currently hidden, but the Internet remembers everything and these photos have long been made public.


If you find it difficult to believe in an article by an unknown author on his blog, but this topic interested you, then you should familiarize yourself with a wider study of materials that was enough for a whole book.


"The book describes the development of the Ukrainian radical nationalist groups from 1991 to the present, including the «Right sector» and Svoboda («Freedom») party (up to 2004 — the Social-National Party of Ukraine), discusses their ideology, psychology and methods of political struggle.
Any revolution as a positive program uses the dominant ideas in society. In the Russian Empire in 1917, the trend was radical leftist ideology. In the Arab countries during the «Arab Spring» in 2010 — radical Islamism. In Ukraine in 2013-2014, the trend has become so radical nationalism that has absorbed pro-democracy and pro-European originally agenda."

This book is in English and is in the public domain in PDF format.

Anticipating a lot of comments from people with a lack of critical thinking, I will say that I am Ukrainian and I am in Ukraine and I know all of the above not from news, but from personal experience.
I will add that nothing threatens my homeland, I remain on my land that no one will take away from me, and after the overthrow of the current regime, Ukraine will truly embark on the path of development...
I will try to survive in order to tell you even more interesting things about the situation in Ukraine in the near future.

I wish you all a peaceful sky above your head and not succumb to hysteria! Any war has its end and it is already close, the main thing in any situation is to remain humane...

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