To Protest Or Not To Protest


I have participated in a fair amount of protests down through the years. Protests against war, for animal rights, in Solidarity with Palestine, and for Aboriginal rights, to name but a few. It always felt good, to connect with others who felt the same way and wanted to shed light on the huge injustices taking place in the world.

There is always a festival like feeling to these gatherings, where people of all ages come together to use their voice to spread awareness and proclaim not in my name. I certainly agree that we need to spread awareness and continuously shed a light on the many things that promote violence and hatred, towards all living beings and the earth!

It felt good to be doing something. But did our actions change anything?

I like to think that it helped to spread awareness and that by coming together we helped to elevate our vibration and send out a message asking for change. Words hold power, hence why we use the word Spell. By chanting out loud what we wish to achieve than we are putting that intention out into the world.


But on the other hand, we are also focusing all of our energy on the actual injustice that is occurring,, when instead we should just be focusing on creating something new, being more proactive in creating that change. I feel this especially with what is happening right now.

I went to a protest recently, in the town I live in. The idea was that we would all make signs providing information whilst wearing white masks. The idea behind the mask, was that the focus would be on the messages we were sharing and not on us. I was not very keen to wear a mask of any kind, as I refuse to wear one, but I tried to look at this as being part of a performance.

We lined up, on one side of the main street which curved it's way around to where the weekly market is. We were asked to keep 2 metres distance so that the police would not try and stop us. Again I was not too keen on obeying the restrictions, but could see how it would help in trying to get the message out as we would be able to stay. It didn’t stop the police coming and harassing us though. They just didn't know what to do with 60 or more of us, except take all of our details.


We certainly got a lot of attention and had many people read our signs, the response from the public was generally good. But once again we were focusing on the plandemic, when instead we should be focusing on raising our vibration and creating the change we wish to see in the world.

So much energy goes into creating protests, yet what do they really achieve? Unless you manage to get thousands of people to all protest and go on strike, there is little that they can achieve.

I need to follow my heart with this one and focus more on being proactive in creating change. In maintaining human contact, coming together to be expressive and live our lives instead of feeding into the fear that they create to control us. That itself is a great act of rebellion. To come together, to share and create.


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