Finally The Light Begins To Penetrate Even The Darkest Corners.


I understand, how easy it is to fall into a negative mindset, especially with everything that is happening right now. Day in, day out we continue to be bombarded with propaganda, feeding into this fear machine, that wishes to keep us compliant. Us against them, the great divide!

We hear it all the time and for some, the forecast is not looking good, especially if you allow yourself to get swept up in that fear. That fear that is being used to control us. So what to believe? Do we think the worst and run for the hills!

I have listened to both sides and I am not going to live my life, crippled by uncertainty and despair. I am not going to give into this divide that they keep pushing on us.

There is nothing unusual about us all having our own opinions, our own ideas of how the world works. How boring the world would be if we all thought the same, we need diversity, we need to be challenged.

We need to remember how to sit and listen to one another and not take out our pitchforks and threaten to attack the minute someone says something we disagree with. Life is all about learning, about exploring?

We have been played so well, this divide that has been lurking in the shadows for a while, has now been fully exposed. They talk about the left and the right, as though they are separate from one another, but they are a part of the same thing.

They talk about how our governments are concerned about our health, yet when has that ever been the case. How quickly people seem to forget all that they have done to poison us and the earth. Suddenly, it is hard to believe that they would do such a think, that they would all be part of some grand plan to see us to our ruin!

This comes as a surprise, Really?????

But now I have gotten side tracked, I wanted to focus more on the power of thought. On our ability to turn things around, simply by taking control of our own narrative. We do not have to feed into their stories, we do not have to give them our time and energy.

We have a choice now, a wonderful opportunity to create what we always wanted to create, to not hold back and just go for it. Because if not now, then when!

There is a sense of urgency in the air,something I have really felt these last few weeks. We know that things are changing and that we need to decide where that change is going to take us.

I sometimes have to laugh at the absurdity of it all, at how much has come to pass and at what they still wish to pass. At the fact that so many people still do not see what is happening, they are simply too comfortable in their conformity. Their is a sense of security to be found, when we live in a way that is familiar to us. Not having to move too far out of our comfort zone, not having to exert ourselves.

Having everything laid out before us. Yet, what has it taken us to get to this point. To this false sense of security! There is no security in having no control over your life, having others tell you how you should behave and what is expected of you!

And now finally, that security that so many came to rely on, is being tested. Slowly more and more people are beginning to see things clearly. Little by little, it is getting harder to ignore what is right there before our eyes.

So, I can not help but remain optimistic, because no matter where we stand, so much is coming to light. So many people are being called out for their behaviour, there is no where to hide as finally the light begins to penetrate even the darkest corners.

There are going to be even more uncomfortable truths coming out, truths that many will reject, but it matters not, because there are enough of us who will acknowledge those things. This is the way with all healing, having to acknowledge the pain and suffering that has occurred.

Standing in my light, in my power, so that no matter what they want to throw at me, I will not waver. I know what I want, I know what really matters and all of this has just brought me closer to my goal. It has brought me to my true community, to connect with those who I really resonate with.

Always remember that no matter what happens and no matter what you are told, no one can control how you react, that alone is yours. So react with passion and determination. Blast out love as you carve your own way. Take back your power and move forward into the light xxxxxx




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