Should the recently va××ed self isolate for 28 days and detox after?

Someone asked how do you avoid the recently va××ed shedding on you??

You can't avoid it completely unless you avoid all va××ed individuals which only the very wealthy billionaires will be able to do living in their yachts, private islands and underground bunkers.

Most humans don't want to avoid people anyway as we love connecting, so we gotta be positive and aware instead of negative and fearful.

All those that have been va××ed with the experimental gene therapy should consent to a 28-30 day isolation period for their active nanoparticle pegylated gene therapy injections to take hold and dissipate.


This would be for their safety and for the safety of the general public so they don't trigger an ADE cytokine storm episode in their body and so they don't leak, shed or have their active spike protein antibodies and active transfection nanoparticles escaping onto and into other people.

This would be the normal recommended quarantine period after any gene therapy but many people are getting double doses within weeks so who knows how long these spike proteins and nanoparticles will stay active for??

Apart from the above concerns I really don't know how they are getting away with giving this drug therapy to people in public places with no real understanding of what is going inside them. How has this been authorized? (Emergency use only they say)

Now for protection tips and info because we have to stay positive and aware of what's taking place.

Those who are va××ed or around va××ed should consider some natural earthing detox.

Sand and salt detox is probably the best option that is available.


So go to the beach, cover your body in sand and swim in the cold salt water sea. Make salt water baths and soak your body.

Cold showers, heavy breathing techniques and repeated movement exercises is the most natural way to rid the body of toxic absorptions and promote healthy DNA regeneration.

Drink lots of healthy coherent water include any essential amino acids and minerals needed for healthy DNA regeneration.

This will also get rid of parasites that tend to linger around to eat the oxidative cell tissue as you start promoting healthy tissue regeneration.

Practice common sense hygiene habits and have confidence in listening to your body. Be your own physician. 🥰✌q


Try not to change your diet too much unless you sense you are developing absorption disorders then you may need to heal the gut before going back to your normal diet.

Good luck and remember we are all in this together!


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