Tech Censorship and the Fight for the Truth

Ideas are more powerful than guns; we would not let our enemies have guns so why would we let them have ideas? Joseph Stalin

By: Richard J. Quitliano
Editorialist & NewsHawk

WASHINGTON, DC (@ZENINEWS) — We all know that online censorship is real, the tech giants have all joined forces to silence anyone that challenges the official narrative in their ongoing effort to rewrite history — the 1630 Project being just one example. Social media such as Twitter, Google, and its subsidiary YouTube are using search algorithms to censor conservative content. Breitbart had three articles just this morning on social media censorship.

Their purpose is clear, just as it was in Orwell’s prophetic masterpiece 1984 in which he asserted: “He who controls the past controls the future and he who controls the present controls the past.” Dismissed as “mistakes” and/or “glitches” in the algorithms, these are all deliberate attempts to control the narrative and silence the truth.

Even the president isn’t immune from their efforts. Twitter has “intervened” to “clarify” the president’s frequent tweets.

“Many people foresaw this likely happening and today it begins. Twitter has intervened in the tweets and speech of the President of the United States to review, censor, and use their own perspectives to countermand the opinions of President Donald Trump. By taking this position Twitter has put itself into the position of arbitrating the opinions of general speech. This is a remarkable shift in the control mechanism of the platform which will likely have ramifications.”1

In addition to controlling the narrative, Twitter’s purpose is to popularize main-in voting by distorting (offering alternatives) to the president’s tweets — that in many cases expose the potential corruption behind mail-in voting. By now it’s axiomatic that voter fraud is the only possible way that Democrats can win (short of killing off Trump supporters). As we all know Twitter raised $2 billion from SEC investors after promising to be an “open forum.” So much for transparency.

“Mail-in ballots are the goal. A 2020 election outcome based on mail-in ballots is the overarching objective for Democrats this year. 2018 was a test run in the process. 2020 was always the goal.”

“Sending two ballots to democrats, and one to registered republicans is one method. Controlling the mail-carrying system is another. Selecting ballots for counting based on zipcode political registration is yet another still. Ballot harvesting continues the overall process. The list of ways to manipulate voter mail-in election outcomes is very long.”2

Twitter is only one of the sites gone over to the dark side. Co-founder of Wikipedia Larry Sanger wrote recently that the site, once a fine source of information, is now a part of the leftist mainstream. They were once neutral, but no longer.

“Larry Sanger, the co-founder of Wikipedia, published a blog post this month declaring that the online encyclopedia’s “neutral point of view” policy is “dead” due to the rampant left-wing bias of the site. Noting the article on President Donald Trump, Sanger contrasted its extensive coverage of presidential scandals with the largely scandal-free article on former President Barack Obama.”3

YouTube is blaming “an error” that caused an article critical of China, this in light of the fact that CEO Susan Wojcicki has deleted any and all content other than the WHO’s official narrative about the Wuhan Flu.

“YouTube has said it is “looking into” an alleged “error” in its system after it censored the term “Wumao,” a common description for online propagandists for the Chinese Communist Party. Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN) sent a letter to Google asking the company to explain its censorship after tech pioneer Palmer Luckey pointed it out on social media.”4

They’ve even gone so far as to delete leftist Michael Moore’s latest documentary.

“Finally, YouTube has found the flimsy pretext it needed to cancel the controversial Michael Moore-produced eco-documentary which has been infuriating greenies with its anti-renewables message: ‘copyright infringement.’”5

On the flimsiest of pretexts, that Moore used a few seconds of footage for a purpose that Toby Smith, a British environmental photographer didn’t approve of, Moore was hit with copyright infringement.

“This follows a copyright infringement claim to YouTube by Toby Smith, a British environmental photographer, who doesn’t like the context in which his material was used and who claims a clip of his material was run without his approval.”6

There are no lengths that the left won’t go to silence the truth, even throwing one of their own under the bus. Perhaps the most troubling issue recently developing from this push for online censorship is what happened to the Wayback Machine, one of the more widely used tools of the “truther” movement.

“But, now the Wayback Internet archive is trending down this slippery slope with its recently implemented labeling of snapshot results as potential disinformation.”7

This comes as part of the latest wave of consolidations in the tech sector that have already affected numerous small to mid-sized tech companies and start-ups. We’ve all come to expect censorship from the tech giants, Twitter, Google, Facebook, and YouTube, but now with the economic impact of the CV-19 outbreak they can use their power to swallow up and control smaller platforms such as the Wayback Machine. To the victor go the spoils and now these giants will use their power to control the message coming forth from these smaller units.

“In what is turning out to be something of a latter-day dot com bust, many small to medium-sized tech startups are teetering on the edge of oblivion as the deliberate economic shutdown eats away at their capitalization and opens the door for the biggest fish in the tech space and others to pick the ripest fruit from the tech start-up tree. Signs that yet another massive wave of consolidation in the technology sector is on the horizon and is already raising concerns throughout the industry, but the fact that it is occurring in tandem with a larger push by outfits like Twitter, Facebook and other huge tech players to stifle freedom of online expression and association should make us pay closer attention to the dynamics at play.”8

As mentioned previously, Twitter, under the guise of making the platform more user-friendly, is attempting to censor the president. What they call “facilitating conversation,” this is a thinly disguised attempt to silence dissent — the president will surely not be the only victim of these machinations.

“Under the guise of facilitating conversation, Twitter unveiled changes to the reply feature that ostensibly gives users more control, but in reality, it broadens the ability to censor content. The new format, still in testing mode, will allow users to select who can and cannot reply to their tweets. This, of course, presents a serious problem from the vantage point of free-flowing interaction and gives even more power to the most popular accounts to stifle undesirable feedback, leaving their viewpoints publicly unchallenged.”9

Changing the Past

Like the quote from Orwell illustrates, the tech giants, on behalf of their globalist supporting clique, are attempting to control the future by changing the past. The Zerohedge article uses the 1970s movie Rollerball as an example — and a good example it is:

“In the campy 1970s futuristic movie “Rollerball,” starring a young James Caan as a superstar athlete at the twilight of his celebrated career, there is a curious scene in which his character, Jonathan E, visits an archive where the entire knowledge base of humanity is stored. The man in charge of the quantum computer-like machine mentions, in passing, that due to some unknown glitch, the records containing the whole of the thirteenth century have been lost.”

“Such a predicament is, no doubt, much closer to becoming a real possibility as more and more of humanity’s knowledge is accumulated in massive digital repositories. The danger is not only in the outright loss of stored data as a result of technical malfunctions but also in the greater ability to execute historical revisionism and misrepresenting facts to future generations. Wikipedia – a widely consulted online encyclopedia – is already guilty of this. But, now the Wayback Internet archive is trending down this slippery slope with its recently implemented labeling of snapshot results as potential disinformation.”10

Using the “vast dangers” inherent from the CV-19 plandemic fraud as an excuse to truncate the public’s access to unfettered (uncensored) information, the tech giants are attempting to seize control of the flow of information crafting their own narrative based on the WHO and government’s “official narrative.” No alternative points of view will be tolerated by the tolerant left that runs Silicon Valley.

“As a former editor, Elliot Leavy, warns in an article addressing the changes at the Wayback Machine site, “if we continue to censor the past, attaching intent to some but not to others, we will be unable to evaluate anything at all.” Indeed, the new measures instituted at the behest of MIT’s Technology Review over worries of COVID-19 hoaxes do not bode well for the survival of historical accuracy and a discerning populace.”

“The promise of the internet as an “information superhighway” modeled around democratized access to information is quickly eroding before our very eyes, as the measures are taken to curb the COVID-19 pandemic are being used to restrict unfettered knowledge. Together with the swift consolidation of tech companies that own the means to distribute and create the platforms we are obliged to use, we might soon find ourselves feeling like Jonathan E did when he realized that his once greatest supporters and benefactors were only looking to push him out the door and find a more pliable and less curious superstar.”

ZENITH NEWS® To the Rescue

Luckily, should the Wayback Machine be lost to the truth movement, they are not the only platform of its sort. ZENITH NEWS® is not just another news outlet, but an online archive of over 430,000 articles from conservative news sites around the world… and growing every day. The ZENITH staff have been working tirelessly since 2017 compiling an archive that will not be bought or swallowed up by one of the tech giants. ZENITH NEWS® is an independent source of news dedicated to preserving the truth in perpetuity.

The loss of the Wayback Machine should trouble us all, particularly in the way that the tech giants used their power to leverage them. This didn’t happen by mistake but out of malice — this was another direct assault on the truth and an effort to pervert history. In accordance with free-market principles, as long as there’s a demand someone will find a way to fill it. The demand today, perhaps more than ever, is for the truth, and ZENITH NEWS® is here with an archive to fill that demand.

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