Starved to Death: The Politics of Food Production and Distribution


Who controls the food supply controls the people.” ~Henry Kissinger

As I’ve written many times before, the US government works in concert with the City of London Corporation through the Federal Reserve and the intelligence community. What we are seeing currently in the UK will soon be happening here.The governments of both the UK, US, Canada and other FVEY countries have been lying to their populations for decades if not longer, as ell as running a massive psyop that includes 5G and other technologies that include neuro-weapons as a means of control.

The powers that shouldn’t be -- government agencies, Wall St. and international bankers, and major corporations, foundations and NGOs -- will soon be using starvation (interruptions in the food supply chain), vaccine passports, and the new “delta variant” to force more lockdowns, mask mandates, etc. to regain control of the population. The depopulation agenda will once again be in full swing. Starvation has been used for centuries as a tool of political control as evidenced by Africa and the Third World -- 95% of starvation is due to politics, not a lack of food.

One splendid example is Somalia where shiploads of food were expropriated by competing warlords and sold for arms. The problem is not nor has it ever been -- despite the hysterical rantings of climate change hoaxters and the drivel from neo-Malthusians such as Paul Erlich (The Population Bomb) -- has never been an inability of the earth to produce enough food. The problem is that food distribution is artificially manipulated by governments, foundations, and corporations around the world as a political tool to control populations. The vaccines will also play a major role determining who will be allowed to participate in society and the economic system -- no vaccine and you're excluded.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that these vaccines are going to get full approval because of the extraordinary amount of positive data,” Fauci said. Once that happens, and it will, businesses will begin mandating the shot as a condition of employment and stores may even ban the unvaccinated. "

The fact is, we haven’t begun to explore the possibilities of how much food the planet can actually produce. The oceans present innumerable possibilities while farmers in the US alone are paid not to produce crops that could provide sustenance both at home and abroad. Lamentably, in a world dominated by fear porn, problem-reaction-solution, and manufactured hysteria none of this matters.

Doesn’t it seem the least bit unusual that during the “Covid crisis” massive amounts of livestock were destroyed? Ironically the push toward artificial meat intensified at the same time -- the same time that Bill Gates started buying up farmland to the tune of 250,000 acres. Gates is now the largest owner of farmland in the US as well as a major shareholder in Monsanto. Gates has no intention of actually farming the land, but in using his influence to control the food supply.

This is all part of an all-out campaign by global elites, intelligence agencies, and multinational corporations to use coercion, i.e. controlling the food supply, to advance the medical/depopulation agenda and seize total control. The Biden administration has hiked up the capital gains tax to the point that it is virtually impossible to maintain family owned farms forcing them to sell off assets for a fraction of their worth. Some of this land will be turned into "conservation land," land -- Biden plans to turn 30% into non-farmable land by 2030 -- and sell the rest, some 440 million acres... all in the name of "climate change." The rest will be sold, likely to people such as Bill Gates, Monsanto, and of course China.

The Vaccines: Graphene Oxide

Something that hasn’t until recently been revealed to the public is the content of the vaccines. Most are aware of the mRNA component, but they also contain poly-ethelene glycol, an ingredient in antifreeze that encases the mRNA component and graphene oxide nanoparticles.

GFNs (Graphene Family Nanoparticles) “...can induce acute and chronic injuries in tissues by penetrating through the blood-air barrier, blood-testis barrier, blood-brain barrier, and blood-placenta barrier etc. and accumulating in the lung, liver, and spleen etc.”

This article provides an in-depth explanation of how graphene oxide nanoparticles creating a neural web around the brain that also affects other organs and alters DNA. It is also likely that this neural web can act as a receptor for 5G and other transmissions used in psychological warfare such as microwaves and infrared as described in the first video. The electromagnetic properties of the vaccines has been discussed in numerous articles.

“Graphene Flagship scientists have developed a sensor based on CVD graphene that detects brain signals in a wide frequency band, from extremely low frequencies to high frequency oscillations. The sensor is biocompatible and could be used to measure and predict brain states. Furthermore, the graphene sensors could be used in chronic implants due to their high stability in the brain.”

There are many other physical injuries associated with graphene oxide as well, some of them related to 5G and other transmissions and some that damage the body on their own. According to Dr. Jane Ruby:

“These graphene sheets that investigators found in the Pfizer vial, when they get into your system and when they start to penetrate your cells – which they have [sic] a lipid nanoparticle that pushes them into your cells – you get oxidative stress… “It destroys literally everything inside the cell. It explodes the mitochondria. It creates a situation where the body is on a 10-Alarm fire truck and inflammation, cytokines, chemokines. This incredibly violent…inflammatory storm comes in and it has a particular affinity for creating acute inflammation of the lungs, it creates an inflammatory storm in cardiac tissue and in brain tissue.”

Polyethylene glycol, a substance found in antifreeze, prevents the immune system from rejecting the biological agents found in the mRNA vaccines, in effect protecting them by creating a protective coating. The effects of polyethylene glycol on living organisms is already known, it is a dangerous poison. There is a video in the link above where Dr. Ruby explains the dangers of the four major vaccines.

The Plan

It should be abundantly clear by now that the elites will stop at nothing to seize total control. As Event 201, which began one month before the Covid “outbreak,” heralded the onset of the Covid scamdemic, a new exercise by the WEF, the Gates Foundation (Microsoft), major corporations, worldwide organizations, and other elites will take down the internet, power grid, and other segments of the infrastructure due to a “cyber attack.” It appears that the “hack” of the pipeline earlier this year was just a prelude of things to come.

“They have already told us what they are planning for us too. Prior to the major ransomware attacks on critical infrastructures this year, the WEF released a short video on January 18, 2021 warning about a “cyber-attack with COVID-like characteristics’ that would “spread faster and further than any biological virus.’”

The interruption of the food supply chain during the “Covid crisis” was just a mere hiccup compared to what is to come. The Delta Variant -- most likely injuries from the vaccines -- is already promising to result in more mask mandates and lockdowns. This multifaceted attack is coming from many directions at once. While the government continues to use strong-arm tactics and deception to coerce people into taking the poisonous vaccines and surveil them, major corporations including mass media keep up distractions by supporting social agenda issues such as critical race theory (CRT).

Government agencies are encouraging citizens to turn on one another by rooting out “extremists,” anyone that disagrees with the official narrative. The Biden administration, supported by Republicans in Congress, will now send agents door-to-door to browbeat people into taking the vaccine. According to HHS Secretary Beccera the government “has an absolute right to know who has or has not been vaccinated. This is unconstitutional, illegal, and an absolute assault on our right to privacy -- something that only happens in totalitarian countries.

The social media giants are also getting in on the act, Facebook is now encouraging users to turn in anyone that holds “extremist” views. Somewhere along the way the ruling elites have lost sight of the fact that constitutional protections shield individuals from abuses from corporations, not just the government. State and federal governments have given corporations unconstitutional authority to force people to wear masks and take the vaccines, something that needs to be challenged. Corporate elites, along with their government allies have come to believe themselves rulers. As President Ulysses Grant said of Manifest Destiny: “It’s the right of those who have to rule over those who have not.” The Polygon Drill that has just been added to the globalist arsenal promises to be Event 201 2.0, an electronic coup de' grace that will throw America into chaos and along with it the ownership of land and of course, the food supply chain.

In all likelihood the cyber-attack and ransom of the infrastructure earlier this year was done by government actors wishing to point out the vulnerability of our power grid by hackers or other hostile actors. It was done to prepare the public for the upcoming Polygon Drill. Behind it is the WEF, Gates Foundation, and their network of corporate and “philanthropic” partners.

“Perhaps unsurprisingly, an organization close to top FS-ISAC members has recently been involved in laying the groundwork for that very “global fincyber utility” — the World Economic Forum, which recently produced the model for such a utility through its Partnership against Cybercrime (WEF-PAC) project. Not only are top individuals at FS-ISAC involved in WEF cybersecurity projects like Cyber Polygon, but FS-ISAC’s CEO was also an adviser to the WEF-Carnegie Endowment for International Peace report that warned that the global financial system was increasingly vulnerable to cyber attacks and was the subject of the first article in this 2-part series.”

Given that the entire food supply chain is controlled by computers it will be the sector hardest hit. I realize that a lot of this seems not to pertain to the food supply or starvation but it does if considered within the context of everything else that’s going on. The Covid-19 scamdemic not having produced the desired results the elites are pulling out all of the stops in attempting to reinstate control. People are wising up to their totalitarian aspirations and as pushback against the vaccine tyranny increases so too will the draconian edicts both from governments and their corporate partners. This includes manipulating the food supply.

An American Holodomor

I’ve already described how the government is attempting to put family farms out of business by raising taxes and declaring 30% of farmland “conservation land.” In California billions of gallons of water are being pumped into the Pacific Ocean instead of allowing farmers to use it for irrigation, all in the name of climate change and protecting “endangered species.” The endangered species in this case is a minnow-like fish that is being pumped into the ocean along with the water. What these environmental geniuses have failed to consider is that fresh-water fish cannot survive in saltwater -- they’re effectively murdering the species they’re allegedly trying to save.

For anyone unfamiliar with Holodomor, it’s the starvation in Ukraine, Georgia, and other parts of the USSR during the 1930s. “The Holodomor (Ukrainian: Голодомо́р, romanized: Holodomór, IPA: [ɦolodoˈmor];[2] derived from морити голодом, moryty holodom, ‘to kill by starvation’),[a][3][4][5] also known as the Terror-Famine[6][7][8] and sometimes referred to as the Great Famine,[9] was a famine in Soviet Ukraine from 1932 to 1933 that killed millions of Ukrainians. The term Holodomor emphasises the famine’s man-made and intentional aspects such as rejection of outside aid, confiscation of all household foodstuffs and restriction of population movement.”

In Ukraine 10-15 million people died of starvation and upwards of 30 million in the rest of the USSR. The tragedy was that it was entirely unavoidable -- it was done on purpose by the Stalin regime. Now the same thing may happen in the US and UK where grocery store shelves are already emptying. Like I said earlier, what happens in the UK will soon happen here. “So, let’s pull back the curtain on the devil, his minions and their lies. If they aren’t trying to kill, steal and destroy with their tyranny and experimental injections, they are set to starve the people to death.”

According to a human rights activist from India, Mr. Gurucharan Singh, “The reality of food shortages, which has been set up in Europe, is the same work they have done in Africa and the same what they have done in Asia. The situation is that they are deliberately destroying food in transportation and warehouses,” he continued. “The situation is that the food is ready, they bought the food from the farmers and it’s rotting in the warehouses and in the trucks.”

When the Polygon Drill kicks in it will further disrupt the food supply chain which hasn’t completely recovered from the disruptions caused by the Covid scamdemic. I asked the manager at the market where I shop why certain items are still unavailable or slow to be restocked. She blamed it on a driver’s strike. I called a friend in the Teamsters Union and he said no such strike exists. We are being lied to and little of what we are being told makes sense.

The CDC has as much as admitted that the vaccines are ineffective as far as keeping us safe from the SARS-CoV-2 virus (which still hasn’t been isolated). In Massachusetts alone over 6000 fully-vaccinated people have come down with Covid. Pfizer is now recommending a third shot. None of the official narrative passes the common sense test, the vaccine is ineffective yet they’re pushing to force vaccinations upon everyone.

“The fact that more vaccinated people are dying than unvaccinated people does nothing to undermine vaccine safety or effectiveness. In fact, it’s exactly what we’d expect from the excellent vaccines, which have already saved tens of thousands of lives. –The Conversation

There is no more honor or integrity left in the world of politics, a world dominated by those who lie the most effectively. This is nothing new, one needs to look no further than the treatment of the American Indians for proof. Having decimated that population the elites have now turned their attention to the rest of us. We have a political system rooted in treachery, propaganda and deception -- a massive psyop to turn America into a two-tiered system resembling the UK, the haves and have-nots -- and they don’t care how many of us they have to starve to death to accomplish their objective.

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