America Burning: The Chinese Connection

China’s Million Man Army – is it ready to invade USA?

By: Richard J. Quitliano
Editorialist & NewsHawk

WASHINGTON, DC (@ZENINEWS) — Just to be clear: I keep reading about this violence being part of “demonstrations” over the death of George Floyd… it stopped being about Mr. Floyd when the first brick was thrown. This is a coup planned and orchestrated by the Obama Deep State Movement, the ODS Movement as we call it, the now apparent Obama Shadow Government controlling the Democrats and globalists — and that includes China.

While the MSM is feeding the American public a steady diet of lies, there is something far more sinister going on behind the scenes. COVID-19 and the riots are the cover story to divert America’s attention from an ongoing coup by the Democrats and China. Since the Clinton administration, the Democrats have been inextricably linked to China, something almost forgotten in all the murder and mayhem. While the useful idiots pillage and loot, those at the top are busy plotting the next step, an invasion by China.

As ZENITH NEWS reported in the Wag the Dog series it was the CCP responsible for the release of the CV-19 virus and now they’re playing an equally big role in the coup. When we started reporting on the virus outbreak we said it was in response to President Trump’s America First policies that would sound the death knell for China’s attempt at gaining hegemony and becoming the world’s dominant superpower — something the Democrats have been heavily invested in from the beginning. Moving our manufacturing base to China was part of the globalist plan to take down America and move China into our spot at the top of the economic heap.

Just as China was damaged by Trump and America First, they stand to profit exponentially from a successful coup. They are far from impartial observers to the rioting, in fact, many of the protesters outside the White House were heard speaking Mandarin.1

Canada and Mexico

The Chinese takeover of America has been in the works for years aided and abetted by traitors within our own government. This rioting is all being done to impose martial law and put the CCP thugs in the driver’s seat. Like ZENITH NEWS has been saying since Wag the Dog, is that this is part of a globalist plan that’s been going on for years. The riots are being used to “soften America up” for the takeover by the CCP who has infiltrated virtually every aspect of American life since Clinton gave them MFN status. The doors to America’s top-secret labs, academia, Hollywood, and government were left wide open. In addition, China has secret military bases in both Canada and Mexico.

“Communist China is encircling America through trade deals with Mexico and Canada and NAFTA’s open borders will allow a 5-million man Chinese military invasion. Anchor babies must be stopped and NAFTA must be suspended and all trucks entering the US from Canada and Mexico must be inspected for cargo including Chinese smuggled weapons and troops.”

“According to Zero Hedge, China is in free trade talks with Canada right now and seeking a NEW trade deal to bring its own Chinese workers there to fill jobs the Chinese Communist government itself is building INSIDE Canada.”

“If Canada agrees to this, the Chinese will be able to set up shop along our northern border and staff those shops with Chinese soldiers, air pilots, marines, and bring in millions of tons of military hardware including guns, ammunition, missiles, jet fighters and electronic equipment.”2

Canada and Mexico will be used as “launch pads” for Chinese troops to enter America.

“Canada is the launch-pad for a multi-billion dollar assault by The People’s Republic of China (PRC) against the United States. A top-secret report reveals that “a dangerous consortium of Chinese triads, agents of the Chinese Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS), and Hong Kong tycoons has established itself in Canada.”3

In a report named Operation Sidewinder, the plan by the CCP to use Canada to attack the US is revealed.

“It was jointly prepared by Canada’s Secret Intelligence Service and the National Security Division of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). “

“Seeds of Fire details how both the CSIS and RCMP were involved in tracking China’s theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos.” 4

Seeds of Fire is a book by British investigative journalist Gordon Thomas, the author of 53 books mostly dealing with security.

“They operate on several fronts. Smuggling heroin into Canada for shipment to the United States. Using Canada as a key in the lucrative human smuggling trade to Europe and the United States. By obtaining ownership of key companies in Canada, the PRC uses them to infiltrate the United States, says the report. Seeds of Fire details how both the CSIS and RCMP were involved in tracking China’s theft of nuclear secrets from Los Alamos.” 5

In Mexico they’ve already been successful in setting up a 600,000 man base. In an article from 2013 the existence of the Chinese base in Mexico was confirmed.

‘During the 1990s, there were persistent rumors that the United Nations, in cahoots with then-Pres. Bill Clinton, was readying a takeover of America in order to fulfill the promise of the New World Order. Fast forward to 2013. The foreign takeover never happened, right? Wrong. It was just delayed. Invasion and occupation is still imminent.”

“China, the story goes, has built military bases in Mexico—and in Canada, as well, according to some. The reasoning for this varies, but it’s usually so that China could launch a surprise invasion of America when the opportunity presents itself. When America defaults on its debt and the economy crashes, the U.S. military will disintegrate and the People’s Liberation Army will stream in and take over.”

“The exact numbers of Chinese troops fluctuate with different sources but are alleged by one video blogger—or “vlogger”—to be 300,000 troops in Canada and 600,000 in Mexico. Nearly a million.” 6

This is a view of the Mexican base from Google Earth (Please note the scale at bottom left)7


This base includes over 10,000 armored vehicles. The question is, why would the CCP want bases so close to the American border (the Mexican base is 60 miles from Nuevo Laredo) if they weren’t going to use them to invade?

As we reported yesterday:

– At some point in all this, China will activate the narco-terrorist cells that have been pre-positioned across the USA. These cells, trained by communist China and funded by narco profits, will immediately move to sabotage infrastructure nationwide. Their targets will include the power grid, water supplies, telecommunications, emergency response services, refineries, ocean ports, airports, railways, and other transportation infrastructure. America will experience severe outages in power, fuel, telecommunications, and other critical services.8

This will disrupt the daily lives of Americans, who have up until now never experienced deprivation of any sort, and cause chaos. China will then try to force us into a war on two fronts, one here at home and one in Taiwan and Hong Kong. We will then find out who our friends are. Will the UK and NATO come to our defense?

“– As soon as America reaches “peak weakness,” China will move on Hong Kong and Taiwan. This will evoke a rapid escalation of military conflict in the Southeast Asia regions, notably involving U.S. Navy and Air Force resources. Expect to see President Trump (and Pompeo) quickly declare a state of war with China, while establishing a strong military presence on Taiwan, with aggressive nuclear submarine posturing against China. There will be kinetic conflicts between the U.S. and China in that region.” 9

Then Chinese assets in Canada and Mexico will storm both borders:

“– China will activate its ground assets in Mexico to invade the U.S. Southern border and attempt to occupy Southern states. Near the same time, the United Nations will attempt to occupy the United States with “peacekeeping” forces that will immediately move to confiscate firearms from the American citizenry. Once this occurs, we will be in full militia-centric defense response against invasions by foreign troops on U.S. soil. Many key cities across Southern states like Arizona, California, and Texas will be overrun by communist Chinese troops working in conjunction with narco-terrorists. Dave Hodges has written extensively about this topic at” 10

Doesn’t sound plausible? How many would have believed it if they were told a year ago that a bioweapons attack would cause all of the lockdowns and shutdowns? This is real and it’s happening now. If this coup is successful the globalists (Democrats) will take over and China will become the world’s dominant superpower, replacing America — they will then take over as the world’s “police department,” a role held by America since WWII. America will become a third world country, a source of natural resources. The stakes have never been higher.

The global elites, the Rothschild/Rockefeller diaspora of international banking families, don’t care who the reigning superpower is as long as they can control them. They know they can’t control Trump, and they think they can control China. China will play ball as long as they think it’s in their interest, but they have plans of their own. As we reported months ago, the Chinese have very long memories — they remember the slights of the British Empire and the Opium Wars. But that part of history hasn’t been written yet.

The outcome of the chapter being written now all depends on one man — Donald J. Trump.

Images courtesy Creative Commons by Times Asi.

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