When You Believe You Live in a Free Society

I heard of a great idea. It goes like this. We -- me, you and others -- gives others power over our lives, to decide things for us. It's a really sound way of life. It's going to make us free, because they get to decide things for us, see?

Instead of each of use doing things that don't harm others and not being punished for it, we give others special rights we don't have, to punish the rest of us for doing things that don't harm others.

Freedom under moral law doesn't matter, because the law they make is more important and supersedes morality, non-aggression, etc.


We know it's the best way to live, because otherwise, it would be chaos.

So we can't use a plant of our own free will. They put us in cages if we get caught doing that. But in other places, we don't get put in cages, or have money stolen from us. Odd.

Kids can't runt heir own little lemonade stand business in some places, because that's illegal under their made up laws.

In some places, they make it illegal to feed homeless people, fine us, lock us up, and throw away the food.

Some places even prevent people from collecting the water from the sky, as if these people get to decide what happens to that water.

But still, we believe we are free, because that's the illusion that keeps them in power.

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