Its Time to Take the Mask Off


Today is the last day I will be wearing a mask.

I would like to open others eyes to the true nature of uncertainty about covid-19.

The medical community is divided, there is not good information sources about the prevention of Coronavirus, and it seems the governments internationally are loosing faith in their own regulations.

If the mask was effective at preventing the spread, Japan and South Korea would be case free as its already a social norm to wear masks in those countries as well as China for smog.

There is still weekly outbreaks in strict communist dictatorships like China, that even took the extreme measure of baraccading people inside their own homes to prevent the spread.

Clearly, socially distanced hygiene was the best approach. Washing your hands, properly, is the most effective way to prevent the spread of any cold or flu virus.

Vitamins like d12, were carelessly overlooked while a nonsensical mask was hypernormalized across the globe. This 1 fact on its own, can demonstrate the cognitive dissonance the majority of governments experience when the discussion about Melanin and its geopolitical implications were discussed.

I have yet to hear the government of Canada reccommend Vitamin D12, an accessible combatant for covid-19 and all viruses. Your immune system is very powerful, unless you're unfortunately physically disabled in your immune system... But then you would also understand the importance of vitamin D12, that needs calcium to be properly used by your immune system.

Unmasking the Bad Science

The Statistics from around the world, that demonstrate when masks were mandated in different regions, at different points in the outbreak all suggest the mask had little to no effect on the spread of Coronavirus.

Dr. Fauci, wrote a book about cloth masks leading to an increased infection rate during the Spanish Flu. Something you may be interested to know, is that mr. Fauci took his major in politics, medicine was not the primary focus of his study. It would be both logical and reasonable to assume he has politically-motivated interest in his career decisions.

The peasants, as most tax payers are denoted, are to respond to the state. This sadistic relationship, is the root of tyranny and all human suffrage on a fundamental level. They use this "science" to create a precedent for new regulatory framework, that violates human rights and freedoms.

"If you don't lock down by June, you will have 96,000 deaths". - World Health Organization to Sweden

Sweden had 4,000 deaths.

With estimates over 24 times the real death rate, who would ever trust the WHO again, in this sophisticated digital age we live in, that's inexcusable and in my opinion a politically biased statement with an underlying protectionist mindstates for developing nations that don't have access to first world health care.

The media, across the globe, has perverted this message and information into a state of non repair, people literally believe the mask can save lives...

Stanford, Harvard and Oxford said this,

If we continue to use unsuccessful age wide lock-down measures, to suppress the disease, unless we have an improbably safe and effective vaccine, it could take several years for the epidemic to come to an end. It is exceedingly unlikely that the measures taken to protect older people could be maintained for that long. If focused protection is used, the pandemic could likely be over within 5 to 6 months.

Instead of listening to these credited epidemiologist, the message propagated in the mainstream has sought out the seven years solution in favour of a protectionist mind-state for developing nations that don't have access to First World Health Care.

Debunking the Political Bias

The World Health Organization has demonstrated statistics less than 4.5% accurate and 24x over estimated. Then after this blatant display of, in my opinion, political bias they proceed to make conservative estimates about the effect masks have.

The director of the World Health Organization has taken political bribes from the Chinese government. That is unacceptable, corrupt, and should not be rewarded with any sort of compassion when we are presented with bad science. It's one thing to protect a developing Nation, it is another thing to lie to protect a developing Nation causing long-term economic suffrage to the developing world as well as the first world.

The president of the United States Joe Biden, interprets China as America's friend. This is causing long-term damage to the Free World, which I will remind you doesn't have a tyrannical dictatorship like China does.

This isn't even to mention reactions from the likes of my prime minister Justin Trudeau, who's walked around like a dog with his tail between his legs for the entirety of this pandemic pussyfooting and curtailing to whoever calls his name.

With such passive aggressive ignorance, how could any person expect governments experiencing such extreme cognitive dissonance to resolve anything, not to mention the worst virus we have allegedly ever encountered?

The new normal, is not mandatory, it is regulatory.