Declining 'cases'/deaths in states that opened up instead of predicted 'disaster'

If you recall back in March when the Texas governor said they were going open up and stop the mandates, the holy medical experts in favor of lockdowns, masks and all other ridiculous measures predicted dire consequences. This included the fraudster Anthony Fauci.

Instead of chaos raining over states like Texas and others, a normal seasonal decline is what happened and is what will always happen the matter the lockdowns, shutting of businesses, mandating masks or any other unscientific measure is imposed by the authoritarian government.

Have a look for yourself:

Things were already declining with the change of the season, and the lifting of these ridiculous mandates that have not been proven to work and have been proven to make no difference indeed did nothing to change the natural seasonal decline.

I don't know what people are holding on to with their attachment to the delusional Covid cult. Texas has less vaccinated in the UK, they have no masks, no vaccine passports and everything followed a natural decline as is expected.

All the support for these ridiculous measures stand on belief. It's a religion. It's a cult.

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