CDC lowered PCR test cycles for vaxxed in investigation, rigging 'infection' numbers

A large part of the narrative of fearing the novel coronavirus pushed by mainstream media has to do with PCR tests. These tests require amplification of the sample material. To do this, they run various cycles to replicate the genetic material that they sampled. After enough cycles have run, enough of the genetic material has been replicated, and it can be more easily detected.

The problem, is that if you go high enough, it can amplify even one sample of that genetic material that wouldn't be a cause for concern. You shouldn't go above 25 cycles. That is an appropriate threshold. Maybe even 30 max. But even then you're going to be producing more false positives the higher you go in threshold. False positives are a false indication of the degree of presence of genetic material in a sample.

In addition, it is because you have some genetic material, doesn't mean it's affecting you. Such as in the case of a virus. This is why the inventor of the PCR tests stated that this cannot be used to diagnose someone with an illness. Yet, this is what has been done for the past year as mass testing has been forced onto people in order to promote the existence of a threat that doesn't exist. You can't diagnose someone with covid-19 the illness, just because some genetic material has been detected in. Genetic material that is claimed to be only found in the novel coronavirus.

Previous recommendations to push this fraud of the PCR test misuse, had set the cycle threshold for the PCR test at about 40 cycles. But at this level, even Fauci is on video saying that at 35, 36 or 37 the results are pretty much unusable. You can't even culture a sample that produces results only at 37 cycle threshold.

So this is how the casedemic of fear has been spread for the past year. Testing at high cycles to produce a lot of false positives of people who weren't sick and weren't going to be sick and weren't going to be spreading a virus from being sick.

In order to make it appear that the vaccine is reducing PCR test positive results, which they knowingly mislabel and refer to as cases of Covid-19 which aren't actually cases of the illness, the CDC is changing the recommendations for PCR tests. They are only reducing the PCR cycle threshold value for vaccinated people. Anyone who is not vaccinated, go ahead and run up to 40 cycles and produce those false positives to make it seem like the unvaccinated are still a threat with high numbers of false cases.

Here is their document stating their new Ct for their investigation into cases of vaccinated becoming 'infected' with sars-cov-2:

Clinical specimens for sequencing should have an RT-PCR Ct value ≤28.

Here is what it normally has for recommendations:

That's 40 for the FDA, and the WHO recommended 40-45. These are useless results to confirm a significant viral presence.

They wanted to ensure that vaccinated look like they have less 'cases' of PCR test positives, compared to unvaccinated who have more 'cases'. This is merely a deception. You make one group test at lower values so they 'pass', while you make another group test at higher values to produce more false positive and make them look more 'dangerous'. This is the fraud that passes a 'science' for all the believers of the narrative out there.